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Angel Download Center for GCSC Students

This page provides quick links to free software your may find useful for your course.  Check with your instructor to determine which of the following software programs may be required for your course.

To download any program below, click the link and follow instructions and save it to your hard drive. Make sure you note which FOLDER you save it in. Then use the "Start" button and "Run" command in Windows, browse to your downloaded file, select it, click OK, and follow the instructions for each program.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Apple Quick Time Player
Java Plug-in (required for some math courses) Adobe Flash Player
Adobe Acrobat Reader Windows Media Player
Microsoft Word Viewer
(Allows you to view Microsoft Word content on a computer that does not have Word 2003)
(Allows you to view WMV content on Apple computers)
Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer
(allows you to view PowerPoint presentations on a computer that does not have PowerPoint)
Office Compatibility Pack
(allows you to view newer version Office content on older full versions of Microsoft Office)

Important Notice: download times will vary based upon the speed of your internet connection