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The GCSC ATC is a trans formative facility embracing a philosophy grounded in innovative partnerships cross the key sectors of business, industry, government and education within a "future-forward" framework. This premier facility will be the tipping point of the region, harnessing the intellectual capital of the brightest minds in business and academia to create a truly synergistic system grounded in innovation and the formation of knowledge and technology clusters.


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Business, Technology, & Culinary Programs

For Information Call - (850) 872-3875 or come to the Advanced Technology Center

The Business, Technology, & Culinary Division of Gulf Coast State College offers a wide variety of Degree and Certificate programs which enable the student to either transfer to the University upper division with an Associate of Arts Degree, or enter the workforce with an Associate of Science, or Certificate within a specific major subject emphasis.

The focus of the Technology Programs is to prepare students for careers within the following technical industries;ArchitectureAlternative Energy Engineering TechnologyBuilding Construction, Civil EngineeringDigital/Multi-Media,Drafting and DesignComputer Engineering Technology (now Network Services), Electronic Engineering, and Electronics Apprenticeship. The Technology Department offers Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Technical certificates.

Most programs are designed for full and part time students and feature both traditional instruction as well as hands-on technical instruction in up-to-date modern labs. All programs incorporate state of the art technology related to their prospective fields. Emphasis is placed on computer literacy, practical application, both in class and via Cooperative Education (COOP), and technical competence.

Business and Technology Contact Information:

Phone: 850-872-3875
FAX: 850-873-3553
Location:  ATC103 - 1st Floor 
Gulf Coast State College
5230 West Highway 98
Panama City, FL 32401-1058
  Culinary Contact Information:

Telephone: (850) 769-1551,
Ext. 2848
Fax: (850) 873-3553
Location: ATC105B
Gulf Coast State College
5230 West Highway 98
Panama City, FL 32401-1058

Faculty Contact Information (Click on Faculty Members Name to go to their webpage.)

Melanie Boyd 
Chair Business and 
Technology Division
Advanced Technology Center, Room #102
Phone: (850)872-3839
Fax:(850) 747-3259

Nancy Berdanier
Sr. Administrative Assist., Technology
Advanced Technology Center, Rm #103
Phone: (850) 872-3875
Fax: (850) 767-8084  E-mail:
Antonio Adessi
Assistant Professor of 
Architecture Programs
Advanced Technology Center, Room #316
Phone: (850) 769-1551, 
Ext. 5887
Paul Ashman
Assistant Professor, Culinary
ATC, Rm #132
Phone: (850) 769-1551, 
ext. 5852
Fax: (850)747-3259 E-mail:
Christy Cole
Assistant Professor of Business 
Advanced Technology Center, Room #114
Phone: (850)769-1551 ext. 2842
Fax:(850) 747-3259
Denise Crider
Operations Manager, Culinary 
ATC, Rm #150B
Phone: (850) 769-1551, ext. 2848
Fax: (850)767-8062
Dana DeVane Dye
Professor of Business 
Advanced Technology Center, Room #232
Phone:(850)769-1551, ext.  2843 
Fax:(850) 747-3259
Guy Garrett 
Associate Professor of Cybersecurity and Information Technology 
Advanced Technology Center, Rm #229
Phone: (850) 769-1551, Ext. 2817 Fax:(850) 767-8084
Erika Goines 
Associate Professor of 
Digital Media Technology
Advanced Technology Center, Room #217
Phone: (850) 769-1551, 
Ext. 5886 Fax:  E-mail:
Trey Goodwin
Assistant Professor, Culinary and Hospitality 
ATC, Rm #133
Phone: (850) 769-1551 ext. 4015 
Fax: (850)747-3259 E-mail:
Aubri Hanson 
Assistant Professor of 
Engineering Technology 
Advanced Technology Center, Rm #317
Telephone: (850) 769-1551, 
Emmanuel Hernandez
Assistant Professor, Business & Technology
Advanced Technology Center, 
Rm #118
Phone: (850)769-1551 ext. 2845
Fax:(850) 747-3259 E-mail:
Matt Herndon
Associate Professor of Economics
Advanced Technology Center, Room #233
Phone: (850)769-1551 ext. 2846
Fax:(850) 747-3259 E-mail:
Kimberly Hoyt
Cooperative Education
Advanced Technology Center, Room#150A 
Phone: (850) 769-1551, Ext. 3874
or (850) 872-3874
Wendy Payne
Professor of Information Technology, and Program Manager, Bachelor of Applied Science Technology Management Program
Advance Technology Center, Rm#204 
Phone: (850)872-3876  E-mail:
Billy Redd
Instructor, Culinary 
ATC, Rm #131
Phone: (850)769-1551, ext. 3349
(800)311-3685, ext. 3349
Fax: (850)747-3259
Tonitta Sauls 
Assistant Professor of 
Computer Science
ATC, Rm #218
Phone: (850) 769-1551, 
Ext. 5090
Tracy Sewell
Associate Professor of Accounting
Advanced Technology Center, Room #115
Phone: (850)769-1551 ext. 4826
Fax:(850) 747-3259

Sara Tobias 
Assistant Professor, Business & Technology
Advanced Technology Center, Rm # 219
Phone: (850)769-1551 ext. 4022 
Fax:(850) 747-3259 E-mail:




The ATC will serve as a national model for best practices in connecting education to business and industry through flexible and accessible education programs across K-12 and articulating into postsecondary education. The GCSC ATC dissolves the barriers between regional and community assets, serving as a proactive and sustained center for unprecedented collaboration.


The ATC offers a brighter and clearer future for the host of students currently under served in career and technical education, creating a new sector of the American workforce capable of taking applied technology to profitable market endeavors in record time.


The foundation of the ATC lies in an entrepreneurial spirit which continually adapts to the changes in the regional and global economy, enabling the formation and expansion of jobs leading to an increased quality of life throughout the area. Positioned within a state college, the ATC will accelerate the idea-to-market continuum through the college's many existing relationships with workforce and economic development entities.


Additional Staff housed in the ATC.


Stephen W. Dunnivant

Associate Dean, Program Development

Executive Director Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship

(850)769-1551 x3586


Grace AuCoin

Senior Administrative Assistant

(850)769-1551 x4019


Kurt Morris


(850) 769-1551 x2837

Naisy Dolar

GCSC Florida TRADE Program Coordinator
850-769-1551 ext. 3321 or

Ann Leonard

CTE Director Bay District Schools

(850) 769-1551 x2876

  Faye Hardee

GCSC Florida TRADE Assistant Coordinator
850-769-1551 ext. 4012 or