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Book Buyback

The bookstore holds eight book buybacks a year.

  1. Fall beginning of term (immediately after the drop-add deadline)
  2. Fall mid-term (around the deadline for withdrawal)
  3. Fall end-of-term (week of final exams).
  4. Spring beginning-of-term (immediately after the drop-add deadline)
  5. Spring mid-term (around the deadline for withdrawal)
  6. Spring end-of-term (week of final exams)
  7. Summer-A end-of-term (days of final exams).
  8. Summer-B end-of-term (days of final exams)

Following are the criteria used for buying back books:

  1. The book must be in resalable condition.
  2. The book will still be used by the college for the following school term, and the bookstore is not overstocked on the title. In this case the bookstore, through the contracted book wholesale company, pays 50% of the current new or used price until stock requirements are met for that title.
  3. If the bookstore does not buy the title being sold back, and the book is still a current edition, the book wholesaler may offer to buy the book at a price determined by market conditions and always significantly less than 50% of retail. This price diminishes as the life of the edition expires.
More information is available from our FAQ link.