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Disability Support Services

Services for Students with Disabilities at Gulf Coast State College

Our Mission

DSS’s mission is to help create a fair and inclusive learning environment through specific educational accommodations and support services guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.  As set by the standards of GCSC mission, we want to assist our students in their educational, career, and personal achievements/goals with equal access to all programs using both on-campus and off-campus resources.  In addition, we advocate for our students in order to lift educational barriers while empowering and embracing their differences by exploring new awareness campaigns and trainings for the GCSC population.

Eligibility and Requesting Services

Students with a documented disability may be eligible for our services. Students who choose to disclose their disability to receive reasonable accommodations must complete an Application and associated forms with the DSS office and provide documentation of their disability. Eligibility is determined by the documentation received by the DSS office and the specific needs of the student. If you believe you have a disability, even if it is not documented, you should contact the DSS office and make an appointment to determine your eligibility for the program.  Students must allow at least two weeks for new accommodation requests to be fulfilled.

*DSS also offers temporary services for students who may require services for a short period of time.  Please inquire with our office for more information.


All documentation given to Disability Support Services will be kept confidential.  This information will only be used for aiding you, the student, in achieving your fullest potential while at Gulf Coast State College. Staff members may sometimes need to work with your instructors to arrange accommodations, however your specific diagnosis will not be discussed with your instructor.  You have the choice to self-identify to your instructors if you so choose.

Directional Sign in Student Union East to Disability Support Services, Military & Veteran Services, Careersource, Student Affairs, and Corporate CollegeOffice Location

Student Union East, Room 60

Office Hours


8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

***Closed During Federal Holidays***

Contact Information

Phone: 850-747-3243

Phone: 850-769-1551, Ext. 3243

Fax: 850-767-8034