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Bright Futures Scholarship

IMPORTANT CHANGE: Bright Futures students must complete a FAFSA to receive their scholarship

(Includes Academic, Medallion, and Vocational Gold Seal)

The Bright Futures Scholarship is funded by the State of Florida and is awarded to high school students meeting the required criteria for the scholarship. Currently, we have approximately 850 students attending Gulf Coast State College who receive the scholarship. Bright Futures students will receive a letter or email from the Florida Department of Education notifying them of their eligibility.  The letter will have the procedures for the student to follow to ensure they receive their funds at the appropriate institution.  If GCSC is the selected school and the student receives the letter of eligibility by July 1, the scholarship may be used to pay fees if the student has completed an application for admission and declared a major prior to registration! If fees are not paid by the scholarship at the time of registration, the student should contact Rowena Gammons @ 850-872-3844 or email at

Students attending two schools may request a consortium agreement from the financial aid office to ensure that the scholarship pays for all hours enrolled.

Changes to Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program

Over the past few years, there have been a number of changes to the Bright Futures scholarship program. The best way to keep up with the changes is to view their website. The amount of the scholarship, initial eligibility criteria, and renewal criteria can all be found at


  • Bright Futures recipients will receive a fixed award per credit hour.  The award on Lighthouse will reflect a full-time award, but will only disburse the amount for the number of credit hours for which they are enrolled.
  • You will owe some money after Bright Futures is applied, no matter which scholarship you have.  Make sure all fees are paid by the due date or your classes will be dropped.
  • See the award amounts on the Bright Futures Web site at

Repayment for Courses funded by Bright Futures that are Dropped/Withdrawn

  • Students will be required to repay their scholarship for any course dropped or withdrawn unless an exception is recommended by the financial aid office.
    • An exception will be based on a verifiable illness or emergency beyond the student’s control.  Students must provide an appeal including documentation to the FA Office within 45 days from the last day of the semester. Students will be notified if their appeal is approved or denied.
  • Repayment for the cost of dropped or withdrawn courses is required to renew a Bright Futures awards for a subsequent academic year.

Renewal Criteria

  • At the end of the spring semester, GCSC will submit your grades and hours to the state. In order to renew your scholarship for the following year, you must meet certain renewal criteria. This criteria has changed over the past few years. The requirements can be found at
  • Note: Students may still request that the FA Office use summer grades towards these renewal requirements. See the FA Office after summer grades are posted.


  • Bright Futures recipients who do not meet the new credit hour or GPA renewal requirements may have the opportunity to restore their award in a subsequent academic year.
  • Restoration criteria depends on when the student graduated from high school.
  • Check for more information

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact the FA office at 872-3844, email Rowena at, or call Bright Futures toll-free at 1-888-827-2004. Please visit for additional information regarding recent changes to the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program.