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Emergency Medical Technician
Applied Technical Diploma (EMT-ATD)

AREA OF CONCENTRATION: Upon completion of the program, all graduates will have demonstrated the necessary knowledge, technical skill, and professional attitude and behavior to implement safe, effective and appropriate care in their roles as entry level Emergency Medical Technician‐Basic (EMT‐B).

INITIAL CONTACT:  Craig Wise at (850) 913-3311 or 1-800-311-3685, ext. 3311
PRIMARY ADVISER:  Scott Williams (850) 769-1551 ext. 6103

INTRODUCTION: The Emergency Medical Services programs are accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs,, and by the Florida Department of Health, .  Graduates of the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program are eligible to apply for the state examination and the national board examination.

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT):

This is the beginning level in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) career ladder.  EMTs are trained in basic life support measures including patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), automated external defibrillation (AED), oxygen therapy, shock prevention, bandaging, splinting, spinal immobilization, and vehicle extrication.

The Panama City campus has a one-semester EMT program that is offered in Spring, Summer, and Fall semesters.  Applications for the EMT program must be received by the last business day before each deadline:  June 1st  for the Fall semester, November 1st  for the Spring semester, and March 1st for Summer semester.

Application process for EMT Program:

  1. New students should apply for General Admission to Gulf Coast State College click here .
  2. Returning students who have not attended in 1 year or more must also re-apply for admission.
  3. New students must pay $20 non-refundable college application fee online, at Enrollment Services, or at the Business Office.
  4. Returning students who have not attended in 1 year or more must pay a $10 non-refundable college application fee online, at Enrollment Services, or at the Business Office.
  5. New students must attend a free online College Orientation prior to course registration, otherwise a "hold" will be placed on student's account.  For more information, go to  College Orientation .
  6. Request official high school transcripts and diploma from all high schools attended, or equivalent GED with scores, and have them mailed to the GCSC Enrollment Services Office by the last business day before the application deadline.
  7. Request official college transcripts from all colleges attended, and have them mailed to the GCSC Enrollment Services Office by the last business day before the application deadline.
  8. Transfer transcripts must be evaluated by GCSC Enrollment Services prior to the admission deadline. View the GCSC website "Requirements for Admission" - Transfer Students. <click here>
  9. Students must be eighteen years of age or older prior to the EMT Program start date
  10. Submit completed, signed EMT Program application to the Health Sciences Division. <click here>  
  11. Submit completed, signed Narcotic/Mental Health Statement in program application packet.
  12. Submit a current, valid copy of your driver's license with the EMT Program application.
  13. Take the college entry-level tests, either Accuplacer or PERT (Postsecondary Education Readiness Tests). Minimum scores are listed in the EMT application packet.  Students may contact the Testing Office for dates, times, and locations of Accuplacer/PERT tests.

Requirements after Conditional Acceptance into the EMT Program:

  1. Satisfactory fingerprint and criminal background check, at students' expense, must be done through GCSC.
  2. A chain-of-custody 10-panel drug screen, at student's expense, is required by some affiliating clinical agencies (see application packet for more information).
  3. Submit a copy of current, valid CPR card and maintain certification throughout the program.  Acceptable cards are the American Heart Assoc. Healthcare Provider, American Red Cross Professional Rescuer, or American Safety and Health Institute CPR-Pro.
  4. Submit completed GCSC Physical Examination form (less than a year old), with satisfactory results signed by a physician.
  5. Submit completed GCSC Immunizations form signed by a physician.
  6. Submit proof of current TB skin test, TB blood test, or current chest x-ray report (less than a year old).
  7. Attend mandatory Health Sciences Orientation by registration and payment online or through Corporate College (dates will be in acceptance packet).
  8. Uniform and specific equipment information will be included in the acceptance packet.

Student Selection Process:

The requirements listed above are minimum requirements, however, satisfaction of minimum requirements does not automatically guarantee admission. Admission to Gulf Coast State College does not imply acceptance into the EMT program.  The EMT program is a selective admission, limited enrollment program.

The graduating EMT students who want to be considered for the Paramedic Program must:

  • Pass the EMT coursework on the first attempt achieving a "B" grade in EMS1119, EMS1401, EMS1335, and EMS1555 or equivalent coursework.**

  • Have State of Florida EMT certification

** Those students passing with a "C" grade in any EMT course should have 1 year of full-time experience (2 years part-time) at an ALS transport service prior to applying, and a positive recommendation letter from an immediate supervisor.

Curriculum:  The EMT program may be completed by Certificate.

The core curriculum consists of a combination of lecture, clinicals, and skills laboratory hours.
+*# EMS1119  Emergency Medical Technician   5
+*# EMS1401  Emergency Medical Technician Lab   4
+*# EMS1335  Emergency Vehicle Operator   1
+*# EMS1555  EMS Trauma Management   1
* Minimum grade of "C" required
+ Prerequisites required

# Applies only to AS degree, and Certificate programs

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