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Diagnostic Medical Sonography (DMST-AS)

AREA OF CONCENTRATION: The program is designed to prepare the student for employment as an entry‐level Sonographer. The Sonographer is skilled by academic and clinical training to perform ultrasound examinations under the supervision of a qualified physician.

The program begins in the Spring semester each year. The duration of the program is 24 months for the Associate in Science Degree (72 credit hours).

The program curriculum includes all courses required for an Associate in Science Degree. A minimum grade of 75% must be achieved in all courses identified in the program curriculum, including courses required for admission.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography program is a limited access program. A selective admissions policy with specific selection criteria is utilized in order to select the most qualified applicants. The strength of the applicant pool varies year-to-year, with the best qualified applicants receiving first consideration. It is the applicant’s responsibility to inquire about these specific admission and selection criteria and to ensure that all required documents are received on campus prior to the deadline of September 15th.

Students who have an Associates Degree in an allied health care field such as radiography, nursing, respiratory therapy, physical therapy, and have hands-on experience dealing with patient care, may be given advanced placement in the program. All other students may apply by completing the required prerequisite courses.  All students are encouraged to complete as many of the General Education and other major courses as possible.

After being selected in the Sonography Program, the courses in the curriculum are progressive in nature, with one course building on the preceding course. Because of this progressive relationship, all courses in a term must be completed with a grade of 75% or better in order to continue to the next term.

If a student achieves less than a 75%, or withdraws from any course that is required for the Associate in Science Degree, the student will not be allowed to continue in the program. The student may re-apply to the program.

To apply for this program, students should obtain a program application packet which contains a current list of admission and course requirements.  Applications are available online, or in the application rack in the Health Sciences building on the 2nd floor, or in Room 200 of Health Sciences.

The application deadline is September 15th each year.

PRIMARY ADVISERS:  Program Coordinator, DeeAnn VanDerSchaaf (850) 913-3318
                                    or Asst. Coordinator, Vicki Bynum (850) 873-3591

Application process:

  1. New students should apply for General Admission to Gulf Coast State College <click here>
  2. New students must pay $20 college application fee online, at the Bookstore, or at the Business Office
  3. Submit official high school transcripts or GED with scores to the Admissions Office
  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges attended to the Admissions Office and have a transcript evaluation prior to the application deadline.
  5. Submit a Sonography application including the Technical Standards Form and Letter of Intent
  6. Submit 3 Recommendation Forms found in the packet.
  7. Schedule an advising session with the Sonography Asst. Coordinator, if needed.

Application deadline is September 15th

Please follow these program Prerequisites and General Education requirements for the application submission.

Required Prerequisites CH
Required prerequisites must be completed prior to the application deadline.
BSC 2085, Human Anatomy and Physiology I 3
BSC 2085L, Human Anatomy and Physiology I Lab 1
PHY 1020, Basic Concepts of Physics, or approved Physics - offered in the fall and spring only 3
ENC 1101, English Composition 3
MAC 1105, College Algebra, or STA 2023, or MGF 1106 Math for Liberal Arts, or higher 3
General Education Requirements
These classes must be successfully completed prior to graduation.
PSY 2012, General Psychology or SYG 2000 Principles of Sociology 3
Humanities I, II, or III 3

Sonography Program Curriculum

Spring - 1st year Spring 2nd - year
SON 1000, Introduction to Sonography 3 crs SON 1112, Abdominal Sonography II 3 crs
SON 1211, Medical Sonography Physics 3 crs SON 1122, OB/GYN Sonography II 3 crs
SON 2113, Cross-Sectional Anatomy 3 crs SON 1814, Clinical Education II 3 crs
PSY 2012, General Psychology 3 crs SON 2175, Vascular Sonography 3 crs
Summer - 1st year Summer - 2nd year
SON 1170, Sono Circulatory System 2 crs SON 1144, Superficial Structures 2 crs
SON 1170L, Sono Circulatory System Lab 1 cr SON 1824, Clinical Education III 3 crs
SON 1100, Principles/Protocols Sono Imaging 2 crs  
SON 1100L, Principles/Protocols Lab 2 crs  
Fall - 1st year Fall - 2nd year
SON 1111, Abdominal Sonography I 3 crs SON 2834, Clinical Education IV 4 crs
SON 1121, OB/GYN Sonography I 3 crs SON 1052, Sonography Anatomy & Pathology 3 crs
SON 1804, Clinical Education I 3 crs SON 2930, Special Topics in Sonography 1 cr
SON 2171, Intro to Vascular Sonography 3 crs Humanities I, II, or III 3 crs
SON 2171L, Intro to Vascular Sonography Lab 1 cr  

Requirements after conditional acceptance:

  1. Satisfactory criminal background check - must be done through GCSC at the student's expense
  2. Submit copy of current valid CPR card and maintain certification throughout the program.  Acceptable cards are the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider, American Red Cross Professional Rescuer, or American Safety and Health Institute CPR-Pro. We do not accept the CPR Certificates/Card from online CPR courses.
  3. Submit original, completed physical examination, with satisfactory results, signed by a physician
  4. Submit original, completed Immunization records including Hepatitis-B series or signed Declination waiver, signed by a physician
  5. Submit proof of current TB skin test or TB blood test with satisfactory results, or Declination with chest x-ray report
+* BSC2085   Anatomy and Physiology I   3
+* BSC2085L  Anatomy and Physiology I Lab   1
+* PHY1020    Basic Concepts of Physics, or approved Physics   3
+* ENC1101   English Composition I   3
+* MAC1105   College Algebra, or STA 2023, Statistics, or MGF1106, Math for Liberal Arts, or higher   3
+* PSY2012    Psychology  or  SYG2000, Sociology   3
+* Humanities I, II, or III   3
+#* SON1211   Medical Sonography Physics   3
+# * SON1000   Introduction to Sonography   3
+# * SON1100   Principles and Protocols of Sonography Imaging   2
+#* SON1100L  Principles and Protocols of Sonography Imaging Lab   2
+# * SON1170   Sonography Circulatory System   2
+#* SON1170L  Sonography Circulatory System Lab   1
+#* SON2171   Introduction to Vascular Sonography   3
+#* SON2171L  Introduction to Vascular Sonography Lab   1
+#* SON 2175C  Vascular Sonography   3
+# * SON1111   Abdominal Sonography I   3
+# * SON1112   Abdominal Sonography II   3
+# * SON1121   OB/GYN Sonography I   3
+# * SON1122   OB/GYN Sonography II   3
+#* SON1052   Sonography Anatomy and Pathology   3
+# * SON1144   Superficial Structures   2
+#* SON2113   Cross-Sectional Anatomy   3
+# * SON1804   Clinical Education I   2
+# * SON1814   Clinical Education II   3
+# * SON1824   Clinical Education III   3
+# * SON2834   Clinical Education IV   4
+#* SON2930   Special Topics in Sonography   1

 * Minimum grade of 75% required
 + Prerequisites required
 # Applies only to A.S. Degree and Certificate programs