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Physical Therapist Assistant (PTAA-AS/PTA-AS)

Physical Therapist AssistantAREA OF CONCENTRATION: Upon successful completion of the prescribed course of study, students will receive an Associate in Science degree. Graduates are eligible to take the Physical Therapist Assistant licensing examination. Graduates wishing to be employed in Florida are required, under Chapter 486, Florida State Physical Therapy Practice Act, to be licensed.

The Physical Therapist Assistant program is an intensive, fulltime program that is designed to be completed in two years. Once selected into the program the courses must be taken sequentially and are offered only once per year The program is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education.

The Physical Therapist Assistant program is a selective admission, limited enrollment program. Admission to Gulf Coast State College does not imply acceptance into the Physical Therapist Assistant program. Before beginning this program of study, students should obtain a program application packet from the Division of Health Sciences, containing a current listing of admission and course requirements.

PRIMARY ADVISERS: Melinda Cumbaa 850.913.3312, Kelli Walsingham 850.769.1551, ext. 6180

Application Process:

  1. Admission to Gulf Coast State College must be granted prior to applying to the Physical Therapist Assistant program.
  2. Scores from the Computerized Placement Test or the equivalent course (see application packet).
  3. Official high school transcript or GED sent to the Office of Admission and Records. Official college transcripts (from each college or university attended) sent to the Office of Admissions and Records and evaluated by that office. A minimum GPA of “C” or 2.0 is required. Preference is given to those students with a science background and a GPA of 2.8 or better.
  4. A completed health sciences application must be submitted, including technical standards and prerequisites. The satisfaction of minimum requirements does not automatically guarantee admission. Admission is competitive among eligible applicants. Final selections will be made by the Admissions Committee based on an objective point system computed from the admissions criteria.
  5. One class per year will be admitted in the fall semester. Application deadline for the fall 2016 class is May 9, 2016.
  6. Students not admitted for the year in which they applied must reapply if they wish to be considered for entry in a subsequent year (no waiting list).
  7. Program Policies: Specific program policies can be found in the Student Handbook for Physical Therapist Assistant Students.

Requirements after Conditional Acceptance:

  • Satisfactory fingerprint / criminal background check.
  • Completion of physical examination (with satisfactory results), including copy of immunization form.
  • Satisfactory 10-panel Drug Screening.
Communications Area  
+* ENC1101, English I 3
Humanities Area  
+         Humanities Elective 3
Mathematics Area  
+* College Level Math  (prefix MAC, STA, or MGF) 3
Natural Sciences Area
Biological Science
+* BSC2085, Anatomy & Physiology I 3
* BSC2085L, Anatomy & Physiology I Lab 1
+* BSC2086, Anatomy & Physiology II 3
* BSC2086L, Anatomy & Physiology II Lab 1
Social Sciences Area  
Behavioral Sciences  
*         PSY2012, General Psychology 3
*# HSC1531, Medical Terminology 2
+*# PHT1000, Introduction to Physical Therapy 2
+*# PHT1102, Applied Anatomy for PTAs 2
+*# PHT1200, Basic Skills in Patient Care 2
+*# PHT1200L, Basic Skills in Patient Care Lab 2
+*# PHT1124, Functional Human Motion 2
+*# PHT1124L, Functional Human Motion Lab 2
+*# PHT1131, Assessment, Measure, Document 1
+*# PHT1131L, Assess., Measure, Document Lab 2
+*# PHT1220, Introduction to Therapeutic Exercise 3
+*# PHT1220L, Therapeutic Exercise Lab 2
+*# PHT2224, Therapeutic Interventions 1:  
                   Medical/Surgical Disabilities 2
+*# PHT2224L, Therapeutic Interventions I Lab 1
+*# PHT2211, Therapeutic Modalities 2
+*# PHT2211L, Therapeutic Modalities Lab 2
+*# PHT2225, Therapeutic Interventions II:  
                   Orthopedic Disabilities 3
+*# PHT2225L, Therapeutic Interventions II Lab 2
+*# PHT2226, Therapeutic Interventions III:  
                   Neurological Disabilities 3
+*# PHT2226L, Therapeutic Interventions III Lab 2
+*# PHT2801, PTA Clinical Practice I 3
+*# PHT2810, PTA Clinical Practice II 5
+*# PHT2820, PTA Clinical Practice III 5
+*# PHT2931, Seminar 2

* Minimum grade of "C" required.
+ Prerequisites required.
# Applies only to A.S. and certificate programs.