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Transfer Track/English (ENGL-AA)

AREA OF CONCENTRATION: The purpose of the English transfer track is to prepare students for entry into upper‐division studies in English. A Bachelor of Arts in English will prepare students for further studies in English, writing, and literature as well as other graduate programs, including law school. A Bachelor of Arts in English can also pave the way for careers in journalism and other fields that require communications skills. The English transfer track also prepares students who wish to enter English education programs and become certified to teach English on the middle school and high school levels. Students are encouraged to be familiar with the admissions requirements at the university they plan to attend.

PRIMARY ADVISERS: Michalle Barnett (ext. 2886), Amber Clark (ext. 2872), Barbara Gribble (ext. 2883), Betty McKinnie (ext. 2887), Jason Mitchell (ext. 2877), Tabitha Parker (ext. 2875), Carol Schilling (ext. 2882), Hank Smith (ext. 2873), Douglas Wells (ext. 2884)

Communications Area
•+* ENC1101, English I 3
+* ENC1102, English II 3
Humanities Area
Visual and Performing Arts 3
Philosophy/Religion 3
Literature 3
Mathematics Area
Mathematics 6
Natural Sciences Area
Physical Science 3
Biological Science 3
Social Sciences Area
Behavioral Sciences 3
History 3
Government 3
OPTION 1: English General
Electives 24
OPTION 2: English Teacher Education
  EDF1005, Introduction to the Teaching Profession 3
  EDF2085, Introduction to Diversity for Educators 3
  EME2040, Introduction to Technology for Educators 3
Electives 12

Further English, Literature, and/or writing courses taught in the Language and Literature Division.

New students who were initially admitted as first-time-in-college students in fall 2014 or thereafter, pursuant to s. 1007.25, F.S., must meet foreign language competency as specified in s. 1007.262, F.S. This competency is ordinarily demonstrated through completion of two credits of sequential high school foreign language OR successful completion of two semesters of foreign language at the postsecondary level. Basic American Sign Language (ASL1400/ASL1401) does not meet this requirement.
• General Education Core. Students must complete at least one identified core course in each area of study—Communications, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences—as part of the general education course requirements.
* Minimum grade of "C" required.
+ Prerequisites required.