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MGF 1106 Math for Liberal Arts I

Course Description:

  • MGF1106: Mathematics for Liberal Arts I, 3 lecture hours, and 3 credit hours.
  • Prerequisite: Math placement test or minimum grade of “C” in MAT 1033.
  • Topics included are numbers and number systems, elementary number theory, probability, statistics, history of mathematics, geometry, sets, and logic.

Course Manager:

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Course Information

Section Schedules

Math for Liberal Arts I
CRN Subj Crse Days Time Instructor Date (MM/DD) Location Daily Schedule
80408 MGF 1106 MW 12:30 pm-01:45 pm Leo A Lusk 08/19-12/13 PC-SUW 0082  
80409 MGF 1106 MW 09:30 am-10:45 am Angelia S Reynolds 08/19-12/13 PC-BS 0106  
80410 MGF 1106 TR 09:30 am-10:45 am Leo A Lusk 08/19-12/13 PC-BS 0106  
80411 MGF 1106 T 06:30 pm-09:15 pm Vincent H Ferris 08/19-12/13 PC-LB 0105  
80412 MGF 1106 T 06:30 pm-09:15 pm Vincent H Ferris 08/19-12/13 TA-EDU  
80413 MGF 1106 T 07:30 pm-10:15 pm Vincent H Ferris 08/19-12/13 GF-B 0112  
80415 MGF 1106   TBA Leo A Lusk 08/19-12/13 WEB  

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