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The Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship (M.I.E.) is a commercial and social accelerator that supports our community of innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs—engaging students, faculty and staff —as they explore transformation of ideas into commercial products, services, and companies.

The Multicultural and International Affairs Committee at GCSC in collaboration with the Enactus team invite you to the “Women Empowerment through Entrepreneurship” lunch and learn event.  Our gathering will be in Honor of Women’s Month.

Please join us tomorrow Tuesday, March 29th at 12:30 p.m. in the ATC Room 120.  Here the all-female Enactus team  will present the projects they have managed this year empowering other women using entrepreneurship and the success achieved so far. It will also discuss how they as social entrepreneurs have helped other organizations in town. After the presentation we will open the activity for discussions and Q&A.



The Millaway Institute may be able to help you with your invention or product. The advanced FabLab hosts 3D printers and high-end fabrication equipment. Contact us through the button on the left to schedule a free initial consultation

Visit the FABLAB page for technical info on our additive manufacturing and 3D printing capabilities.

29 Pledges and Counting! Contact us to find out how we can help you through the nation's only Pledge Model Fab Lab!




MIE Entrepreneur Spot Light

MIE Entrepreneur Spot Light

Johnathon Jones

Johnathon is the inventor of The Sturdy Stud inintially prototyped in the Millaway Institute Fab Lab. His invention reinforces door jambs and is available at



Another great local speaker series is offered by the Buiness Innovation Center. You will discover great tips and tricks while hearing what led to the start of their companies. Of course, there will be stories of business success, business failures, and perspectives on what it takes to succeed.  Their 2016 series begins Thursday, January 14, with entrepreneur Jayme Thomas. 


Jayme is President, CEO, and Co-founder at Visual Goodness. He is responsible for vision, direction, and business operations. His expertise in Business Development, Creative Direction, Storytelling, 3D Illustration, and Concept Development keep him busy.

Visual Goodness is an interactive studio that has been delivering stunning work across a wide swath of the digital landscape for over a decade. Jayme is the creative lead for large site and video/animation projects with extensive experience in Directing, 3D animation, UX, and illustration.

This event is free and open to the public! Join us on January 14th, at 5:30 pm at  Amavida, 2997 W 10th Street in St Andrews, Panama City.  If you are interested in attending and need more information or if you would like to share your experiences in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, contact Pamela Kidwell at the Business Innovation Center, 850-770-2451 or




Watch our interview on Wrap Line with
Steve Millaway.
Click here!

for the $5,000 grant supporting area entrepreneus and 3D printing!




Free Workshops

The Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship now offers a series of free public seminars entitled, "The Enlightened Entrepreneur." These 60 minute sessions will offer current and prospective entrepreneurs an opportunity to learn from some of the most successful entrepreneurs in our area.

Jan 25th @ 6PM Myron Creel Industrial Prototypes
Feb 1st @ 6PM John Lydick Light Sheer Tech.
Feb 15th @ 6PM Rob Moran Mine Survival Inc
Feb 29th @ 6PM Steve Millaway Tech Farms
March 9th @ 6PM Dr. Dunnivant GCSC Entrepreneur Panel
March 28th @ 6PM Dr. Jamiel Vadell Paradigm Leader, Inc
April 4th @ 6PM Will Owen JetBoat Pilot
April 18th @6PM Johnathon Jones Sturdy Stud, Inc.

Each of these individuals are highly successful entrepreneurs with a wealth of experience and insights to share with you. They'll offer you "real world" advice that only enlightened entrepreneurs who have created successful business models and brought ideas to market can share.

Myron Creel is an experienced industrial designer. Mr. Creel has brought to market dozens of products, helping entrepreneurs bring their idea from a napkin through the design phases. Learn about moving design into molding and mass production.
John Lydick is the inventor of Light Sheers. His unique creation will revolutionize hair care, enabling stylists to achieve unprecedented accuracy and extend their creative rights across the industry. Learn about the value of patents and protecting intellectual property.
Rob Moran is the inventor of the Breathator Vest System and founder of Mine Survival Inc. Learn about his unique journey of success in bringing this life saving device to market. Learn about funding models and pursuing financial support for your idea.
Steve Millaway is the founder of a local innovation and incubation company called Tech Farms. A very successful serial entrepreneur, Steve has led technologies installed on millions of devices. He continues to contribute as a leader in our entrepreneurial community. Learn about technology and incubation.
On March 9th Dr. Steve Dunnivant, Executive Director of the Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship, will lead a panel of invited entrepreneurs. The panel will address the traditional and emerging challenges of becoming an "Enlightened Entrepreneur" in our community. Learn about our local entrepreneurial ecosystem and where to go to get help with your ideas.
Will Owen is CEO of JetBoat Pilot. His company stays on the leading edge of product development for the jet boat and aquatic/boating markets. He can teach you how to focus in on your target market and its essential role to long term business development. Learn about customer and market development.
Dr. Jamiel Vadell is the founder of Paradigm Leaders, Inc. He has established our area's first "mass production injection molding factory" embedded within a unique regional incubator. Learn how to market and mass produce your ideas from his wealth of experience. Learn about mass production and product development models.
Johnathon Jones recently joined our community from the Atlanta area. Already a successful entrepreneur in the medical services industry, Johnathon recently directed his skills toward home security innovation. Learn details about how to create and fund a start-up business from your ideas.

Just show up for any of these sessions. All are located in the Millaway Institute for Entrepreneurship, inside the Advanced Technology Center.



The Fab Lab's own Kurt Morris speaks with Florida Gov. Rick Scott. Kurt designed an amazing 3D printed award for local economic development winners recognized by our community and the governor. A student pitching to the judges panel at the recent Milennial Pitch Tournament.
As the Artisan Series Workshops and Symposium end, we'll take our collective efforts to the next step in formulating a strategic plan. THANKS to the artists and community leaders who attended Millaway Institute Summit for Creatives: Building a Better Future for the Arts in our Community
flyboard flyboard
Visual Performing Art students with MIE Entrepreneur Jeff Elkins
Jeff driving and a GCSC Student Flyboarding!
student images music
StartUp Weekend with Dr. Hernandez
MIE workshop for musicians
ATC trailer we use to recruit students in the field
Tech Kurt Morris showing off 3D printers to K-12 students


Enactus Returns as a National Winner: Our Enactus chapter continues its early success with a national win in St. Louis. Click the link on the left for more info. We are so very proud of our students and team.

  • Entrepreneurial Workshops: A list of workshops and sessions designed to assist entrepreneurs is posted and linked on the left.


Contact Dr. Stephen Dunnivant at (850) 873-3586 for more information.