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Out of State Officer Transfer

This procedure, which took effect on August 21, 2006, allows out-of-state, military and federal officers/agents who wish to avoid taking the full basic training prior to sitting for the state exam to request an exemption based upon their prior training and experience.  In order to be eligible for an exemption you must have:

  1. At least one continuous year of full time, paid, sworn experience volunteer, part-time and reserve duty does not qualify, in the discipline for which you are seeking an exemption (law enforcement, corrections, or parole/probation).  If you have a break in service or work for more than one department, then the one year of experience must occur within an eighteen month time frame at not more than two agencies. This time period must begin after you completed your basic academy training.  If you are not currently employed as a criminal justice officer, there cannot be more than an 8-year gap from the end of your most recent qualifying employment to the submission of your complete Equivalency of Training Application;  and;

  2. Received training in the discipline which is comparable to Florida's full basic curriculum.

VERIFICATION OF EXPERIENCE: We must contact your employing agency to verify employment.

DOCUMENTATION OF TRAINING: From your first basic academy we need a copy of the academy training curriculum broken down by hours, i.e. 40 hours report writing, 25 hours criminal law, etc. This is sometimes referred to as the training/class schedule, outline or syllabus.  If you have been awarded college credit for any  of your training, we need a copy of your college transcripts. If you have completed any in-service, advanced or specialized courses, please provide us with copies of the certificates or a print out from your department's training section.  We must verify your training with the training academy you attended.

In order to qualify for an exemption and comparable training you must have successfully completed the following topical areas.

Law Enforcement Officers/Federal Agents

  1. Law enforcement constitutional law and legal issues
  2. Report writing
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Firearms
  5. Defensive tactics
  6. First Aid or its equivalent
  7. Vehicle operations
  8. Law enforcement patrol (most federal agents lack this training requirement)
  9. Criminal investigations
  10. Traffic crash investigations (most federal agents lack this training requirement)
  11. Traffic control and stops (most federal agents lack this training requirement) 
  12. Crisis Intervention

Correctional Officers

  1. Correctional legal issues
  2. Report writing
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Firearms
  5. Defensive tactics
  6. First Aid or its equivalent
  7. Correctional facility operations

Parole/Probation Officers

  1. Parole/Probation legal issues
  2. Report writing
  3. Interpersonal skills
  4. Firearms Familiarization
  5. Defensive tactics
  6. First Aid or its equivalent
  7. Probationer supervision
  8. Caseload management
  9. Information systems management

How to apply:

To apply for an exemption please submit the following items:

  1. Get Adobe ReaderPrint out and complete an Equivalency of Training Application. The application is 7 pages long and the last page is a CJSTC Form 58. Be sure you have the last page of the application and the CJSTC Form 58 notarized.

  2. A money order or cashier's check for $300.00 made payable to Gulf Coast State College. No personal checks.

  3. A copy of the training schedule, calendar, syllabus or outline for your basic training academy showing the subject areas and classroom hours for your basic standards academy along with a copy of your basic training academy graduation certificate.

    ARMED FORCES PERSONNEL: You need to submit proof of your military law enforcement or corrections training and assignment.  If you are no longer in the service we need a copy of your DD 214 and a copy of your graduation certificate from your law enforcement or corrections training school. If you are still on active duty we need an official printout of your training and duty assignments. For Air Force security forces personnel this would be your VMPF (Virtual Military Personnel File) which you can print out yourself. For the other armed services we need a copy of your OMPF (Official Military Personnel File) which is also available online.

  4. Copies of any other professional training certificates or college transcripts that you may have.

If mailing these items, send them to:

Criminal Justice Selection Center
Gulf Coast State College

5230 West U. S. Highway 98
Panama City, FL 32401-1058

If you live in the area and wish to hand deliver these items, our office is located at:

North Bay Campus
637 Highway 2300
Southport, Florida

If you do not hear from us within 8-10 working days, you can consider that we found no problems with your application for exemption. We must verify your employment and training, which sometimes can take several weeks. After the verifications have been done, if you qualify for an exemption, we will enter your approval into the FDLE computer system. We will then send you a Form 76 by certified mail officially granting your exemption and allowing you to enroll in the Review Course and sit for the State Exam.

NOTE: Once you receive the certified letter you must complete the required proficiency demonstration or Review Course and pass the state exam within 12 months. If you fail to complete these requirements in the 12 month time period, and you still meet the basic requirements to be granted an exemption, you will be required to apply for another exemption and pay all the fees again. The state exam is NOT offered as part of the Review Course, it is given at different locations.

The Gulf Coast Criminal Justice Selection Center does offer the state exam for a fee of $150.00. If you are interested in taking the state exam with us, please contact Rebecca Acton at 850.747.3242.

If you have any questions or need further assistance you can contact us at:

Phone: 850.747.3242
Toll Free: 1.800.311.3685 ext 5609
Fax: 850.873.3556

  • The Equivalency of Training class is offered by Gulf Coast State Colleg in Panama City and Chipola College in Marianna, Florida, you can contact them at:


Upcoming classes at Gulf Coast State College:

This course is designed for law enforcement officers or corrections officers in another state, a federal agency or the military, or a former Florida officer with a four year or more break in service, but less than eight year. To obtain certification as an officer in Florida without first attending a full basic recruit academy in Florida, they must (1) successfully complete an EOT Evaluation, and (2) successfully demonstrate proficiency in the high-liability skills of defensive tactics, firearms, first aid, and vehicle operations (LE only), take and pass the State Officer Certification Exam.

During the class you may where jeans or other casual attire. No shirts with offensive slogans or advertising. We recommend you bring the following items:

  • Athletic clothing for defensive tactics
  • A cap for firearms training
  • Wet weather gear, since classes will be held rain or shine

You will need to bring a copy of your CJSTC form 76.

Class location is:   Gullf Coast State College, Division of Public Safety 700 County Road 2300, Southport, Florida 32409

Class Start Time: The first day starts at 8:00am

To register online:

Law Enforcement Officers

Corrections Officers

Mon-Thur, June 27-30, 2016; Hours vary
CRN: 95058 | Course Number: XPS-0034 | $450.00

Tues-Thur, June 28-30, 2016; Hours vary
CRN: 95057| Course Number: XPS-0061 | $350.00

Mon-Thur, Aug 29 – Sept 1, 2016; Hours vary
CRN: 98013 | Course Number: XPS-0034 | $450.00

Tue-Thur, Aug 30 – Sept 1, 2016; Hours vary,
CRN: 98016 | Course Number: XPS-0061 |$350.00

Mon-Thur, Oct 17 – 20, 2016; Hours vary
CRN: 98014 | Course Number: XPS-0034 | $450.00

Tue-Thur, Oct 18 – 20, 2016; Hours vary,
CRN: 98017 | Course Number: XPS-0061 |$350.00

Mon-Thur, Dec 5 – 8, 2016; Hours vary
CRN: 98015 | Course Number: XPS-0034 | $450.00

Tue-Thur, Dec 6 – 8, 2016; Hours vary,
CRN: 98018 | Course Number: XPS-0061 |$350.00


  • For further information contact Nick Rivera at 850.913-3297 or (850) 819-0859 (C)