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Debate Club Constitution

Students Debating

We the students of Gulf Coast State College, in order to establish a club where students can share their freedom of speech and expression in an open forum, engage in rhetoric on a variety of issues on the local, regional, national, and international level, and expand learning in order to become more active and productive citizens, do ordain and establish this Constitution of the Gulf Coast State College Debate Club for the student body.


Article I: Name
The name of the organization is the Debate Club of Gulf Coast State College.

Article II: Purposes
The purpose of the Debate Club shall be to create educational opportunities for all students on campus, to provide a vehicle for students interested in politics, social change, community organization to discuss relevant topics and ideas, to engage students in activities beneficial to their personal and professional development, and to increase the visibility of issues throughout the campus and community.

Article III: Membership
The members of the Debate Club will consist of voting members including club officers and general members. Votes on club activities and decisions shall be determined by a majority vote of the members who are present at a duty called meeting of the club. Members of the club must be enrolled in at least three semester hours and attend a minimum of two meetings for the semester of their membership.

Article IV: Meetings
The club shall announce and hold regular meetings throughout each semester. Meeting times and locations will be determined by the faculty advisor and club members. Meetings are open to all individuals enrolled in at least three semester hours at Gulf Coast State College for the current semester. Meetings will be announced through electronic correspondence in advance, and minutes from each meeting will be will be available to all members following each meeting.

Article V: Voting

  1. All members of the Debate Club are eligible to vote.
  2. Voting shall be conducted by a show of hands.
  3. Proxies or absentee votes will not be excepted.
  4. All meetings will be conducted informally, but in an orderly manner.

Article VI: Duties of Officers

Section 1: President

  1. Plans agendas for meetings.
  2. Communicates with, and assists faculty advisor on a regular basis.
  3. Presides over club meetings.

Section 2: Vice President

  1. Assists the president with duties as requested by the president or faculty advisor.
  2. Assumes the duties of the president at the absence or request of the president.
  3. Introduces speakers and presides over special events.

Section 3: Secretary

  1. Records and publishes minutes of meetings.
  2. Handles correspondence for all club activities.
  3. Keeps records of agendas, minutes, and member information.

Section 4: Treasurer

  1. Keeps financial records of expenditures and receipts.
  2. Requests funds for expenditures with faculty advisor's approval.
  3. Reports financial status at meetings.

Section 5: SAB Representative

  1. Attends and represents the club at SAB meetings.
  2. Maintains the GPA and academic requirements of the SAB.
  3. Reports SAB information and activities at club meetings.

Section 6: Reporter

  1. Publicizes club meetings, events, and announcements.
  2. Works with faculty advisor in advertising the club.
  3. Assists in maintenence of club websites and documents

Article VII: Appointment of Officers
At the first meeting of each fall semester, the faculty advisor will explain the duties of each office and request volunteers to hold office for the academic year. If more than one person volunteers for a position, those individuals will explain their desire to hold, and intentions for holding that office, at which time all club members present will vote for who they wish to hold that position. The person who receives the most votes will hold the position for that academic year. If an office is vacated at any time throughout the academic year, club members will volunteer and vote for the replacement officer at the next possible meeting.

Article VIII: Ammendment
The constitution may be ammended or repealed by the club. An ammendment approved by a majority vote may be presented to the faculty advisor to make the necessary changes through the Student Activities Board.

Article IX: Expenditures
Expenditures of Debate Club funds will be for approved activities only. Approval of all activities and budgets for those activities will be by a majority vote of members present at club meetings.