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The National Society of Leadership and Success
Benefits of Membership

The National Society of Leadership and SuccessLeadership Training and Certification – You will receive top-notch leadership training from the best speakers and trainers in the nation. Each month via satellite broadcast, you will participate in an interactive conference. Additionally, your school will be holding a leadership training day for accepted applicants that will further strengthen your abilities. After coming to three broadcasts, three success networking team meetings, and the leadership training day, you will be certified in leadership and success skills and receive a certificate from the National Office. This leadership certification is great for your resume.

Job Bank Access – Employers are always looking to hire students with leadership training and certification. In fact, employers recently ranked leadership training second only to honesty on their list of desired applicant qualities (Source: National Underwriter). To help employers connect with Society members, we have partnered to create an online job- bank that features job listings available only to Society members. After accepting this invitation, you are welcome to start using the job bank by logging into your members only web site.

Success Coaches – The Society has trained success coaches standing by to take your questions and help guide you in your path to success. Coaches can help you with everything from getting into grad school, finding an internship or career you love, to helping you achieve your personal goals. After starting contact with a coach, you will have the option to continue to work with the same coach throughout the year. The relationship you form with your coach will help him/her know your personality and desires – ensuring you reach your goals!

Success Networking Teams – At your first meeting after accepting this invitation, you will be placed by your chapter into what is known as a Success Networking Team (SNT). Based upon a powerful principle first discovered by Napoleon Hill, SNT’s are groups of individuals who follow a specific format to discover goals, set expectations, and follow through successfully.

This is just a sampling of the resources you have available to you as a Society member. When you log onto the Society website to accept your invitation, take a moment and click on “Member Success Stories” to read about how other members are using the Society to help them land the jobs of their choice, as well as achieve other great accomplishments.

  • "92% of Society members landed the job of their choice upon graduating." - National Survey 2003
  • "86% of members credit the Society with helping them land the job they wanted." - National Survey 2003
  • "Leadership training is ranked as the second most important factor in hiring decisions, trumped only by employee honesty." - Source: National Underwriter
  • "Leadership development is now considered by many top CEO’s to be one of the keys to success in the 21st century." - Source: LEMA