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Setting Up Two-Factor Authorization (2FA) - Student Version

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Updated 11/14/2022

Accessing MyGCSC will require the use of Two-Factor Authentication in order to access the MyGCSC account. This involves getting a six-digit number through text message or entering a number from mobile authenticator, such as Google’s Mobile Authenticator App.

Confirmation of Current Information

First, MyGCSC will want to verify any information you previously put into the system. MyGCSC will automatically send a text message to any phone number in the system, and any email in the system. If these are no longer accurate, please contact Technical Support in ITS at 850.913.3303 or by emailing as this information will have to be removed manually.

NOTE: Likely, after information confirmation the system will default back to the login screen with an error stating you could not be logged in to the system. Ignore this message. If this action does not occur automatically, log out to the log in screen.

Log In

The previous step was for verification. The next step will consist of the visible day to day walk through for logging in to MyGCSC.

  1. Log in with Student ID and password.
    1. MyGCSC will automatically send a text message to your provided mobile phone number with a six-digit code. If you check the green checkbox labeled“Remember this Browser”, it will be remembered for 24 hours on the current browser, on the current computer. Any change of browser or computer will require you to get another text message.
    2. At first log in, you will be presented other options to use for Two Factor Authentication. One of these is a mobile authenticator, such as the Google, or Microsoft’s Mobile Authenticator. This option eliminates the need for receiving a text message at each log in. If not interested in this option, simply select “Permanently Suppress” and hit “Skip”.
      NOTE: These mobile authenticators are an app for iPhone and Android devices that automatically generates a six-digit code, which only requires a connection to the internet once every 30 days to update. This is a good option to have activated if you have trouble getting Wi-Fi or cell service.

Issue: Not Receiving Log in Text Message

  1. Click on “Problems with OTP”. This will allow the use of any other method accessible to access your account (Mobile Authenticator if you enrolled, call or email the Technical Support – 850.913.3303,

Updating MyGCSC Information and Settings

To update user information for MyGCSC including phone number and email settings take the following steps.

  1. Log in to MyGCSC.
  2. Select “Manage Your Account Settings” top right side of the MyGCSC window under the “Log Out” link. This will open the “Account Management” page.
    Manage Your Account Settings

  3. The “Account Management” has multiple options as seen below.

    Account Management
    1. Account Details & Activity – Provides recent login and reset account activity and how many days until required password change.

      Account Details & Activity
    2. Challenge Question – These are set up when you initially log in to MyGCSC, Here you have the ability to update the security challenge questions, which are used for resetting the MyGCSC account password.

      Challenge Questions
    3. Registered Email Address

      Image of Registered Email Address Screen
    4. OTP Delivery Methods – Change the default delivery method to receive the One Time Passcode (OTP).

      OTP Delivery Methods
    5. Registered Phones – Setup or update (remove/add) a mobile phone used for OTP.

      Registered Phones
    6. Mobile Authenticator

      Image of Mobile Authenticator Screen

Issue: Without Phone after Initial Setup

Mobile phone at home? Need access to access MyGCSC?
Stop by the Technical Support desk for assistance with a one-time password from one of our ITS team members. The Technical Support desk is located in the Library building right past the main library circulation desk or stop at the library circulation desk and use the phone to call for assistance at 850.913.3303.

Setting up Mobile Authenticator

We use Google’s Authenticator app as an example, but offerings from Microsoft and others work similarly.

Download Google Mobile Authenticator

  1. Navigate to the appropriate app store and download the Google Authenticator, on either iOS or Android devices
    NOTE: The example images are for an iPhone, but the process should be similar for Android devices.
  2. Opening the application for the first time will ask for permission to use your camera. Some devices may wait until you try to add a connection to request such permission.

    Google Authenticator

Configure MyGCSC for Mobile Authenticator

  1. Navigate to the, myGCSC Portal, enter your User Name (Student ID, A00#) and password for access and select “Login”.

    MyGCSC Login

    1. First Time Log in to MyGCSC
      1. At first log in use the provided password found in the welcome letter from Enrollment Services.
      2. At successful log in a presented series of verification steps are required as well as a Two-Factor Authentication option. One of them will be the Google Mobile Authenticator.

        Mobile Authenticator
    2. Accessing Through Account Settings for Existing Users
      1. If this is not your first time logging in since Two-Factor Authentication has been enabled, select “Manage Your Account Settings” in the upper right of the portal. Then select “Mobile Authenticator”.

        Manage Your Account Settings
  2. Choose the appropriate device type and click continue.

Pair Google Authenticator and MyGCSC

  1. Open the Google authenticator app previously downloaded.
  2. Click on the “+” in the upper right-hand corner. Then select the “Scan Barcode” option that appears in the bottom of the app.

    Pair Google Authenticator
  3. At this point, the device may ask permission to use the device camera, proceed with yes, and then position the QR code shown in MyGCSC within the square on the devices’ camera.

    Mobile App QR Code
  4. Notice a new entry on the device showing 6 numbers and a name like “GCSC (name or ID)”. Also, a small circle in the bottom right of the section as a timer continually shrinking. This is because the number refreshes every 30 seconds.

    Six Number Authenticator
  5. Enter the 6-digit number into MyGCSC where it says One Time Passcode and select continue.
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