Transient Students


Students pursuing degrees at other colleges or universities may be admitted as transient students to take courses back to their home institutions.  If you are currently enrolled in a Florida state college or university, you must go through the transient student process.  If you are not a current Florida student, contact your home institution to begin the transient.

To begin the application process through FloridaShines be sure to have this information available:

  • Student identification and PIN/password
  • Social Security Number (If you don't have a Social Security Number, please enter nine zeros)
  • Term and year when you want to take the course
  • Course information, including prefix number, title and credit hours  (If you used the online course catalog to find and apply for a course, this information will be pre-populated in the application)
  • After completing the online Transient Student Admission Application, your home institution will receive the application for processing and approval.  If approved, your application will then be sent to the institution where you want to take the course.  It can take up to 10 days, on average, for each institution to process an application.

Once your application is accepted, you will receive an email notification from the transient institution that may include special information about next steps, including information about an admissions application fee, if any.

After both institutions approve your transient application, you will need to log into GCSC Lighthouse using your GCSC student ID (A00....) or contact the transient institution's Enrollment Services Office to confirm course registration and payment.  If you are using financial aid, please contact your home institution's Financial Aid Office to release financial aid monies.

If you application is denied, please contact the person who denied the application for more information.  contact information is included in the email you receive.

You can track your application process via  You should also receive updates on the status of your application via email.

For additional assistance, contact the E-Advising Specialist or call 850-913-3268.