Creating an Event

Creating an Event

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To create a new event using the event form, Click on Create event on the Astra Home Page, on the scheduling calendar, or Click on Events Tab, then Events option, then click on Add an Event.

***Note*** Only Create events for rooms that you have permission to schedule in. If you need a room that you do not have permission to schedule in, please use the Event Request Form.

Event Information

Enter an Event Name, Event Type from the drop down list, select a customer and a customer contact form the drop down lists, and enter an estimated attendance. Customer should be the department/division name. Some of the Activity Calendars use the customer field to pull in events for that department/division. If you need a customer or customer contact added please notify Corporate College.

Events Tab Screen

 Create Meetings

In the Meetings section of the form, click Add Meeting.

The Meeting Name should pre-populate from the event name. You may change this by typing in the field. Meeting Type is required. You may use the drop down arrow to select or type in the field.

Meeting Description is optional and can by copied from the event Description. If you have more than one type of meeting under the same event you may want to add an additional meeting description.

Max Attendance – This value is used to filter your room search to appropriately sized rooms. Max attendance is defaulted in from the event attendance if it was entered there.

Meeting Notes – Optional and can be copied from the Event Notes.

Requires Room – You must uncheck if you are not assigning a room to the meeting at this time.

Add Event Meetings Screen

Meeting Dates and Times

Meeting dates and times are selected in the Meeting Recurrence Section. Select the meeting recurrence type (Single Meeting(s), Recurring or Spanning)

You may add multiple meetings under the same event by using a combination of meeting recurrence types or by adding additional dates with the same meeting recurrence type. If you get an error when setting up multiple dates make sure the Requires Room field in the section above meetings is unchecked.

After all meetings are selected click ok at the bottom right-hand of the form.

Single Meeting(s) -This option lets you create single date meetings, or multi-select dates to create a meeting "group".

Recurring – This option allows you to define a pattern to create a recurring series of meetings.

Spanning -This option allows you to create a single meeting that occurs continuously from one day to another, across midnight. Please only select this option if you intend to block off the room the entire night(s).

Click here to select Meeting Recurrence Type

Single Meeting(s)

Select Date and times under Single Meeting(s) and then click Create. Click on a date to select it and click a second time to unselect it. The meeting will appear under the Meetings Section. You may add additional single dates the same way. You may also select multiple dates on the calendar at the same time.

When you select multiple dates you will get an enter group name box. You can leave it as the default name or change the name. The group of dates will show as a single line under meetings unless you click the expand button to show all meetings under the group.

Enter event Date and times. Then click add Create., The meeting(s) will then appear under meetings. You may add additional single dates the same way

Recurring Meetings

Click on Recurring and set up the appropriate meeting pattern and then Click Create. Meetings will appear under the Meetings Section as a single line. You may change the times or assign a room to all the instances at once.

You may click on the expand button to expand the list of meetings. Once expanded you may delete or edit individual meetings.

If your recurring pattern has holidays within it you may receive a message advising that one or more of your dates were not scheduled due to holidays.

Enter the meeting pattern. Then click Create., The meetings will then appear under meeting as a single line with the number of instances. You may click the Expand button to see a list of all of the meetings.

Spanning Meetings

Select the start and end dates and times and then click Create. This event occurs continuously from one day to the next crossing midnight.

Meeting Recurrence Spanning Tab

Assign Rooms

Place a check by the meetings you want to assign a room to or click the box at the top the select all the meetings at one time. Then click on the Assign Rooms button.

Click Assign Rooms to select room(s)

Assign Room Form

Rooms are listed in order of a score that Ad Astra calculates from the Maximum in attendance that you put in under the Meeting information. Rooms below this capacity may not appear.

You may click on the Room Column Header to sort in room order. Clicking on any Column Header will sort the rooms by that field.

**Please note** The second column is the score not the room capacity. To see room capacity, click on the + in the Room Column Header.

Assign Room Screen

To Select a room click where it says available or click on the specific room to select that room for all meetings that it is available. You may choose more than one room for the same event. Selected rooms will say Selected and will be highlighted green. If you need to remove a selected room, click selected and it will change back to available.

Controls are at the bottom of the form to scroll through each page of rooms. Filter Options are also available to filter out the rooms shown. If you use the Filter make sure you click Search at the bottom of the filter box.

Once you have selected your room(s) click on ok at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You will then be taking back to the Event Information Form. Room Assignments will show beside the meeting dates.

Assign Room Screen

Saving the Event

Verify all information is correct and then click Save.

Click here points to save

Send Event Summary

Sends an email to the contact listed advising the status of the event with event name, meeting times, and assigned locations.

Click Send Event Summary at the top of the page. Under Recipients the contact email should be listed. Additional Emails can be added by clicking on Add Recipient. Type any Comments under the Comment Section. Then click OK in the lower right-hand corner to send. You are then taken back to the Event Information Screen where you can click any tab to exit.

Type Comments Here, Click OK to send, Verify and correct recipients.

Notification History

To check the notification history for the event, click on Notification History in the upper right-hand corner of the Event Information Page.

Notification History Screen