Getting the Most of Your GCSC Computer FAQs

Getting the Most of your GCSC Computer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I restart my computer?

Restarting your computer has many benefits, including the following:

  • It resets connections between your individual PC and our various server
  • It allows your computer to pick up new campus-wide configurations and settings
  • It allows your PC to perform various self-diagnosis processes and repairs
  • It will apply any Windows Updates that are currently available to your PC

ITS recommends restarting your computer daily for optimal PC performance.

Should I remain logged on to my PC?

No. Staying logged on to your profile for a prolonged period of time can damage or corrupt your connections to our servers. This can cause undesired results. Please make a habit of logging off completely at least once daily if possible, preferably during a daily restart. **NOTE: You do NOT need to be logged on to your profile to VPN/remote to your PC. However, your PC must be powered on for this capability. 

Should I shut down my computer over the weekend?

No. ITS is moving toward overnight and weekend updates and software installation. In order to complete these, your PC must be powered on.

Who should I contact/call with computer problems?

All GCSC employees can submit self-service tickets through the ITS website at: > scroll to the bottom of the page > Information Technology Services >Submit Ticket Request If you are unable to submit a self-service ticket, you may contact Technical Support at extension 3303.

Please note: Users should not submit self-service tickets for password resets.

Technical Support is our tier one response team. They triage issues and resolve what they can. If an issue exceeds their capabilities, they escalate the matter to the appropriate technicians.

What are the procedures for adding software to my GCSC computer?

Please contact Tamara Cassani at for software requisitions. More information can be found at: > scroll to the bottom of the page > Information Technology Services > Faculty/Staff > How do I? > Network Services section

If the campus has already purchased a site license for a piece of software, please have your department contact Technical Support at extension 3303 to submit a software installation request.

Any other programs installed on campus PCs should be work-related and approved by a direct supervisor. Toolbars, coupon printers, music players, and unapproved antivirus or malware solutions (Norton, McAfee, Optimizer Pro) are strictly prohibited.