FERPA Training

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

It is vital that all GCSC employees are familiar with FERPA. FERPA is federal law which protects students’ rights to privacy regarding their educational records. Our actions as faculty and staff require that we are familiar with this act, and potential areas of concern in our day-to-day activities as administrators, faculty members, and support staff. Click the Begin FERPA Training button. After the training, there's a very short quiz to check your knowledge of FERPA.

FERPA Training Outline

  • What is FERPA?
  • What does FERPA do?
  • Who is protected by FERPA?
  • What records are protected?
  • What is directory information?
  • Use of Student Information by Faculty and Campus Officials
  • Specific Questions and Answers Related to Faculty and Staff
  • How can privacy violations be avoided?

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 Information regarding FERPA was obtained from a brochure published by the National Association of College and University Attorneys entitled, “The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act: A General Overview,” copyright 2002.