Request to Create a New Argos Report

Request to Create a New Argos Report

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Purpose: Argos is the institutional reporting tool for Gulf Coast State College. Full-time faculty and staff have access based on their job requirements. The below instructions explain how to request a new Argos Report be created.

The requester will complete an Argos Report Request form through a Technical Support Ticket:

  1. Logon to MyGCSC and click on Technical Support.
  2. If requested, logon to the Ticketing System.
  3. Click on Submit a Request.
  4. Click on Argos Report/Programming Request Form.
  5. Please submit a minimum of two weeks prior to the date needed.
    1. Attach any screen prints and sample reports that will aid in describing or explaining the request.
  6. ITS will review the request and assign a programmer to the request.
  7. The programmer assigned will contact the requester for more information or clarifications as needed.
  8. The programmer will advise the requester when the report is available for testing on Argos Test instance.
  9. The requester is responsible for testing the report and confirming that the data in the report is accurate.
  10. Once tested the requester responds to the ticket and copies to request that the report be moved to Argos PROD. Include who or what groups need access to the Argos Report.