Requesting Banner INB Authorization

Requesting Banner INB Authorization

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Purpose: Internet Native Banner (INB) is the administrative interface to Banner that allows authorized users to perform administrative duties within major functional areas including: Finance, Financial Aid, General, Human Resources, and Student information. This is a closed system that allows access only to authorized users with legitimate functional duties.  The directions below explain how to request access to Banner INB.

  1. Go to the ITS website, click on Faculty/Staff and Forms.
  2. Complete the appropriate Banner – Lighthouse User Authorization Form. Forms are located at http://gcscnet/dep_division/its/SitePages/ITS%20Forms.aspx
  3. The completed Banner – Lighthouse User Authorization Form must be signed by the immediate supervisor and the appropriate Data Custodian.

    Data Custodians

    1. Finance Roles
      1. Accounts Receivable – Bursar
      2. Finance and Budget Queries – Comptroller
    2. Financial Aid – Executive Director, Student Financial Services
    3. HR/Payroll – Executive Director, HR
    4. Student – Dean Enrollment Services
    5. SSN Access Authorization – Dean Enrollment Services
  4. The completed form should be sent to ITS for approval by the Enterprise Systems Manager.
  5. Upon receipt of the approved form, ITS Operations staff will setup the user account and call the user to provide them with their temporary password.