Logging into INB Banner Production

Logging into INB Banner Production

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Purpose: Internet Native Banner (INB) is the administrative interface to Banner that allows authorized users to perform administrative duties within major functional areas including: Finance, Financial Aid, General, Human Resources, and Student information. This is a closed system that allows access only to authorized users with legitimate functional duties.

  1. Open the Gulf Coast State College home page
  2. Click the Information Technology Services on the footer; click Faculty/Staff  tab, Lighthouse access.
  3. Click on Lighthouse Login for INB.
  4. Since the computers on campus are not all identical, you may now see one of two things. Follow the instruction below for your computer.

    If you see a Windows Security dialog box, delete any information in the User name line and enter gc\FirstInitialLastName; example gc\rbarker. Your password is the same one as your computer sign in.
    If you do not see a Windows Security dialog box, your computer logged you into the site automatically.
  5. You should now see the following screen. Your Username is the same as your network username. This is normally the first letter of your first name and the first eight letters of your last name.
    Login. Username: textbox. Password: textbox. Database: PROD. Connect and Cancel buttons
  6. You should now see the main menu in INB Banner. This menu is the basic location for accessing forms and information within Banner.

    NOTE: Access to any particular form or process is driven by ID and security. If you are trying to access a form/data and cannot see the information, your ID may not be setup to access the form/data.
    Banner Homepage. MyBanner. Banner: Student; Finance System Menu; Human Resources; Financial Aid; General; Banner Security
  7. The following image identifies the areas of the main menu.

Image of Banner