How to Login and Use Argos

How to Login and Use Argos

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Updated: 8/9/2021

Purpose: Argos is the institutional reporting tool for Gulf Coast State College.  Full-time faculty and staff have access based on their job requirements. The below instructions explain how to login and view reports in Argos.

  1. Logon to MyGCSC (MyGCSC, FAQ).
  2. Click on the Argos icon.
  3. Click the Argos blue button. See image below.
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  4. Your username is the first initial of your first name and the first eight characters of your last name. This should be the exact same username you use to log into myGCSC.

    The initial password will be given to you by ITS Operations when you are initially given Argos Access. You will be prompted to change this when you log in. You must have a minimum of eight characters with at least one being a number, one being a letter one being capitalized, and one being lowercase.

Your Group Access

The first time you log in you will see folders in the Explorer Tab that identify what type of  Group Access you have. The image below shows a person who has Group Access to Division Chair reports as well as Faculty reports.

Explorer <root folder>. Division Chairs; Faculty. This person has access to both Division Chair reports as well as Faculty reports

Setting Shared Shortcuts as the Default

Setting Shared Shortcuts as your default home screen in Argos will provide you the surest method of seeing all reports available to you. 

Please take a moment to set this default now. After this is set, you will be directed back to this location every time you log into Argos.

Shortcuts. Chick here to set Shared Shortcuts as the default home screen in Argos

Accessing Report

The most efficient way to access the reports available to you is to double click the icons under the Shared Shortcuts. The reports may or may not be grouped into folders.

Shared Shortcuts. Double click to launch the report.

Displaying a Report

Most reports have two ways of displaying the data.

  • Banded Report – This provides an on screen display for the results of the report.
  • CSV – Allows the report to be saved to a CSV file which can be displayed in a spreadsheet and saved as an Excel file.

    Steps for displaying the data on the monitor and also saving to an Excel file

    1.   Select CSV from the Report Options. First image below.

    2.   Click the Green Gear icon that now appears. Second image below.

    3.   A Save Report box appear. Type in the name of your file and indicate where you want to save the file. The Save as type at the bottom of this box will be Comma Separated Files (csv).

    4.   Resave the file as an Excel file.

Choose a Report. Banded: Enrollment By Degree/Major Report -. CSV: Enrollment By Degree/Major - CSV. Report Options: Enrollment By Degree/Major - CS...dropdown. Disk icon, Envelope icon. Cog icon selected

Report Options: Enrollment By Degree Major