Adjunct Faculty Email Request

Adjunct Faculty Email Request

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Purpose:  Provide instructions to request a GCSC email account for adjunct faculty.

  1. Sign the Network Authorization form provided by your Academic Division and return to them.
  2. Complete the Security Essentials training in Angel.
    • If you do not have an Angel account, please contact the Division Chair so they may request one for you.
    • If you already have an Angel account, you may self-enroll in the Security Essentials course and complete the training.

      The steps for self-enrolling are listed below:
      1. Log into Angel.
      2. Click Find a Course link in the Courses nugget.
      3. Enter “Security” in the Keyword Search box and click the Search button.
      4. Click the Enroll by Pin link that appears next to GCSC Security Essential Training. See the image below.
        Name: GCSC Security Essentials Training column. Enrollment: Enroll by PIN (Click here) column. Course ID: GCCC-SECURITY
      5. Enter “SECURITY” for the PIN and click the Enroll button.
      6. Click the Home button in Angel and you should see the GCSC Security Essentials Training added to your Courses nugget.
  3. After completing the GCSC Security Essentials Training course in Angel, print the document from Angel that shows you completed the course and submit to your Division Chair.
  4. Your email should be created within three business days after it is received in Information Technology Services from your Division Chair.
  5. After your email address has been created, you may locate it by doing the following:
    1. Log into Lighthouse.
    2. Click the Personal Information tab.
    3. Click the View email Addresses link.
    4. Your email should be located under the heading of “Official communication for employees.” It should also have “Preferred” next to your email. Contact Technical Support at 850-913-3303 if you do not see this. Your default password is your date of birth in DDMonthYYYY format; example: if your date of birth is January 4, 1970, your default password will be 04January1970.
  6. To access your webmail, go to GCSC.

Adjunct Faculty added to College Outlook Groups

  • GCSC
  • Faculty
  • Specific Academic Division; examples: Social Sciences, Language and Literature

NOTE: Your email will be active through July 31 and will need to be renewed by Division Chair if you teach in the next academic year.