Division Chair Process for Adjunct Email Requests

Division Chair Process for Adjunct Email Requests

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Purpose:  Provide instructions to request, extend, and terminate a GCSC Email account for adjunct faculty.

Process for New Adjunct Faculty Email

  1. Give the adjunct faculty member the handout; Instructions for Getting an Adjunct Faculty Email.
  2. Complete the Network Authorization form and have the adjunct faculty member sign and return to you.
  3. The faculty adjunct member is required to provide you with the printed documentation that indicates they have completed the Security Essentials course in Angel.
  4. Sign and send both the Network Authorization form and the printed Security Essentials document to Information Technology Services Help Desk at the same time.
  5. The Email should be created and available for use within three business days after it is received in Information Technology Services. The Division Chair will receive an Email from the ITS Help Desk when this has been completed. The Adjunct Faculty member will see their new Email by logging into Lighthouse > Personal Information tab > View Email Addresses link.

Process for Continuing Adjunct Faculty Email

  1. All adjunct Email accounts will expire on July 31 of each year. Prior to this date, ITS will furnish each Division Chair with a list of active Email accounts.
  2. The Division Chairs will indicate which accounts should remain active and send this information to ITS. All other Email accounts will expire.

Process for Removing Email for Terminated Adjunct Faculty

Division Chairs will immediately notify ITS Help Desk if an adjunct faculty member is terminated.

Adjunct Faculty added to College Outlook Groups

  • GCSC
  • Faculty
  • Specific Academic Division; examples: Social Sciences, Language and Literature