Classroom/Lab Software Installation Request

Classroom/Lab Software Installation Request

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Purpose: The following process is used when requesting software added to a computer labor SmartStation to allow ample time for faculty and ITS to:

  • Validate license(s), order/receive software, and check compatibility
  • Insure proper installation, functionality, testing and customization of software

NOTE: All changes requested after classes begin will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine the need of adding the software after the current term or the end of the academic year so as to have the least impact to classes.


Our computer lab software is listed as such:

  • Standard: Software that can be found on all student computers. This software is considered to be of general use and includes programs like web browsers, Adobe Reader, Java, and Microsoft Office.
  • Class: Software that is specifically requested by faculty for use in courses. It is important to determine what software is needed in the classroom for the full academic year. Class software may not be installed in all computer labs across campus if there are a limited number of licenses available.

A Classroom/Lab Software Request form is required for any and all changes to our computer labs.

Information needed:

  1. Department/Division chairs providing software
  2. Name of software
    1. Hardware/system requirements
  3. Location where software is to be installed
  4. Licensing: Network/Site license, Concurrent or Standalone, Freeware
    1. Limited and Open-Source software licensing must meet certain criteria set by the vendor
    2. Provide a copy of license agreement, purchase order and installation guidelines/instructions
  5. Number of installations
  6. Media to install software or Web site for software download
    1. Does software need purchasing?
    2. Upgrade existing software
  7. Date needed by
    1. Winter semester
    2. Spring semester
    3. Summer semester
    4. Fall semester
  8. Any other special requirements?
  9. Email a completed Classroom/Lab Software Request form with date/signature of department/division chairs to:


  1. Submit form by the established deadline for the term it is needed. These deadlines are emailed to Academic Council and Faculty Senate by Chuck Palmieri.
  2. Once software is approved by department/division, purchased and received by ITS, we will install software and verify that the software launches correctly.
    1. ITS will schedule a date and time with faculty to perform testing of the software on the initial lab image before deployment to lab.
    2.  Upon notification that ITS deployed the software to the classroom, faculty will troubleshoot the software after deployment to ensure it works as expected.
      NOTE: This is an essential step in the process to guarantee there are no problems when used in the classroom and to allow sufficient time for changes should there be an issue.