Document Encryption

Document Encryption

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Purpose: This document outlines how to use Kryptel software to protect sensitive files stored on computers or removable media. Protection of sensitive data is everyone’s responsibility.

  1. A copy of Kryptel software is installed on every faculty and staff computer as well as every campus laptop.
  2. To encrypt a file or folder: Right click on the file or folder and select encrypt.
    Image of Explorer with Encrypt selected
  3. Kryptel will prompt you for a password: Select a password for your encrypted folder and press OK.
    Image of Enter a Password screen
  4. The encrypted file or folder now has the *.edc file extension and is encrypted.
    Image of encrypted file
  5.  When the file or folder is opened, it will prompt you for your password. It will do this anytime you open the file.
    Image of Enter password screen

  6. Once your password is entered, you will then have access to your encrypted file. NOTE: Drag and drop is supported with Kryptel. Anything copied or moved to the encrypted folder is encrypted.

  7.  You may also "Shred" documents and folders. To shred a document: Right click on the document/folder and select shred.
    Image of explorer with Shred selected

  8. Shredding permanently destroys the document making recovery impossible. For this reason Kryptel will prompt you to verify you want to shred the document.
    Image of confirmation to shred

NOTE: Do not forget the password on the encrypted file. ITS has no way of recovering the information in an encrypted file and cannot break or reset Kryptel passwords.