Computer Hardware Purchase Requests

Computer Hardware Purchase Requests

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Purpose:  Purchase requests for computer related hardware not included with campus standard setup; i.e. (printers, scanners, laser pointers, audio/video equipment, etc.)

NOTE: All hardware approved items are listed on the College Standards Spreadsheet on the website.

  1. Email the following information to the ITS Executive Administrative Assistant:
    1. Department/Division chairs requesting hardware
    2. Employee’s name requesting the item.
    3. Type of hardware requested
    4. Location/room # where hardware is to be installed
    5. Number of items being requested
    6. Date needed by
    7. Any other special requirements?
  2. The ITS Executive Administrative Assistant will work with the computer technicians to insure that the hardware will work with staff/faculty existing computer equipment.
  3. A quote will be obtained from the approved vendors.
  4. A Purchase Requisition will be completed and emailed to the requesting department along with the approved quote.
  5. Upon receiving the hardware, the ITS Executive Administrative Assistant will have a work order created for installation.  The department will be notified by the assigned technician.