Remote Access Via VPN

Remote Access Via VPN

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Purpose: Access On-Campus Resources from your Personal PC Off Campus

Notes: When on campus, you are connected directly to GCSC’s network. This provides access to resources only available from on-campus such as network drives. It is possible to connect to the network remotely by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.

  1. Using your computer’s web browser, navigate to
  2. The first time you connect, you will be directed to install the VPN software.
  3. Follow the instructions to complete installation.
  4. Click the Start button on your computer and locate the Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client. You can also open the system tray and find the AnyConnect application there.
    Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mibility Client Desktop app Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client
  5.  With the AnyConnect program open, enter into the address box and press Connect.
    Cisco AnyConnect Secure Milibity Client. VPN: Ready to connect. (dropdone). Connect button

  6. If you receive a warning about "Untrusted VPN Server Certificate", click "Connect Anyway". (You might not receive this notice depending on your settings.)
    Security Warning: Untrusted VPN Server Certificate. AnyConnect cannot verify the VPN server: Certificate does ont match the server name. Connecting to this server may result in a severe security compromise!. Security Risks Explaied (link). Most users do not connect to untrusted VPN servers unless the reason for the error condition is known. Connect Anyway and Cancel Connection-highlighed (buttons)
  7. Enter your current GCSC Network Username/Password in the box.
    Please enter your username and password. Username: and Password (text boxes) OK-highlighted and Cancel buttons
  8. You are now connected to the GCSC network! Click "Disconnect" whenever you have finished your work and are ready to disconnect.
    Lock icon-check marks. VPN: Connected to (textbox) Discount (button)

Remote Desktop allows you to remotely connect to your on campus computer as if you were actually sitting in front of it. Your office computer must be powered on for this to work. You must be connected to VPN for this to work. You must know the computer name of your on campus computer before you connect. While on your on campus computer, find this by right clicking "Computer" and choosing "Properties". The computer name will be listed under "Computer name:" – write this down and store it.

  1. Click Start on your computer and search for Remote Desktop Connection.
  2. If you cannot find it, you can also click "Run" and manually type in "mstsc" and click OK.
  3. Enter your computer name in the box and choose connect.
    Remote Desktop Connection. Computer: Example: (dropdown). Username: Non specified. the computer name field is blank. Enter a full remote computer name. Show Options (dropdown) Connect and Help (buttons)
  4. You will now be asked to sign in as yourself. Again, use your network username and password.

  5. When you complete your session, make sure you click "Disconnect" rather than shut down. Choosing "Shut Down" will power off your computer at GCSC and it will need to be turned back on physically before you can connect again.