Staff Wireless Network Access

Staff Wireless Network Services

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Purpose: The GCSC WIFI network will work with most personal wireless devices. This document demonstrates the use of Windows built-in wireless software. Your software on your computer may vary slightly in set-up. Your wireless device must support WPA encryption.

  1. Depending on your operating system and your software configuration, you may see a message that informs you that you are within range of a wireless access point (see Figure 1). Open your wireless access software to enter your wireless setup. On some devices you will need to go to settings and then to Wi-Fi setup.
    Select Wireless Network Correction
    Figure 1
  2. Ensure that the wireless access point you are choosing is a GCSC wireless access point. Locate and click the"gulfcoast" wireless network to connect. (Figure 2). If you cannot see the network you may need to refresh network list".
     gulfcoast is Connected
    Figure 2
  3. (Figure 3) When the Wireless Network Connection screen appears, enter the WPA2 Network key gcscgcsc and click connect.
    Security key: gcscgcsc
    Figure 3
  4. Navigate to any web page using your web browser. The first time you do this, you will get a message asking for your username and password. Enter your network username and password and click the Log In button. When your log in is accepted you will be redirected to the Wireless portal page. This page contains the GCSC acceptable use policy.
    Enter Username and Password. For Students: User your MyGCSC username and password and password to log on. For Community Patrons: User the username and password provide to you by email from the help desk. If you have not applied for a GCSC wireless account you can download and complete the Wireless Access Authorization Form to request free wireless access.
    Figure 4
  5. Click ACCEPT for the Wireless Acceptable use policy to gain access to the internet.
    For your protection, sites visited on GCSC's wireless network are being monitored. Continued usage of this system and your signature on the access request form constitutes awareness and acceptance of this fact. When using the wireless network, you agree to refrain from the following: (list of refrained activities)
    Figure 5

Note: Never share your username or password with anyone or allow anyone to use your connection. You are responsible for anything done using your account.