Saving and Retrieving Images

Saving and Retrieving Images

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Saving images

  • After logging into your account, you will see "Content" at the top of your page.
    Pointing at Content button
  • Look for the images folder
    Pointing to Images Folder

  • Find your folder. There will be many folders and I will separate them by department or division and create subfolders from there.
    Train-trainer folder

  • When you have found your folder click the "Upload" button
    Pointing at Upload Button

  • Drag and Drop or click add and click "Start Upload"
    Upload to /images/train-trainer. Type: Upload Files, Edit and Upload Images. Access Group: Inherent Existing. Files: Add or drag files from desktop. Cancel and Upload button
  • If the image name is red that means you need to change the filename
    Image to upload
  • Rename the file (filename cannot contain capital letters, spaces, or special characters other than – or _). Start Upload
    Must rename.

Applying Images to Your Page

  • Get back to the webpage you’re going to add the picture to.
  • Click "Main Content" to edit the page
  • Click the picture icon Picture Icon to insert a image