Understanding the Navigation Menu

Understanding the Navigation Menu

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Below you will see the ITS website. Notice the folders. These folders contain other folders and files.
Content Screen

  • You must do 2 things to create a navigation item in a new page or section.
    Check "Yes" to add navigation" and Select Two Column Layout

Let’s take a look at how it works.

  • When you create a new section a new navigation menu is created
    Image of new section
    New section create New Navigation
  •  Since the new navigation is part of the ITS website, the new printing navigation becomes part of the home page navigation and everything in that new section is displayed in a dropdown menu.
    List of left navigation items. Don't forget to save

Let’s take a look how to edit the navigation menu.

  • Find the _nav.inc file under Content
  •  You can create links to pdf’s, change the name of a menu item and alphabetize the menu items here.

  •  Changes will not be visible until documents is approved and published.