Call Pilot User Guide

Call Pilot User Guide

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Voicemail Access

  • To access voicemail Internally, dial 3880 or press Inbox Key on your phone
  • To access voicemail Externally, dial 847-3880
  • Express Messaging: Internally, 3881; Externally 847-3881

Logging in to Your Voice Mailbox

To log in
  1. Dial the Messaging Access number 3880, or press the Inbox Key on your phone.
  2. Enter your mailbox number, then press #; or at your own phone, just press #.
  3. Enter your password, and then press #.

• Note: The initial voice mail default password is "12" followed by your 4-digit extension. You will be prompted to change the default password when you login to voice mail the first time.

Changing your password

  1. While logged in to your mailbox, press 84.
  2. Enter your current password, and then press #.
  3. Enter your new password, and then press #.
  4. Enter your new password again, and then press #.

To record a personal verification

  1. While logged in to your mailbox, press 82.
  2. Press 9 for personal verification.
  3. You hear your current personal verification if there is one.
  4. Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, and then record your name.
  5. Press # to end the recording.
  6. Press 4 to exit to your voice mailbox.

Recording greetings

  1. While logged in to your mailbox, press 82.
  2. Press 1 for external greeting, 2 for internal greeting, or 3 for temporary greeting.
  3. Press 5 to record. Wait for the tone, then record.
  4. Press # to end your recording.
  5. To play your greeting, press 2.
  6. Press 4 to return to your messages.

To set the expiry date for your temporary greeting

  1. While at your temporary greeting, press 9 to set the expiry date.
  2. Enter the month, day, and time, pressing # after each entry.
    • For the current month or day, press # only.
    • For a time setting of 9:00, press 900#. For a.m., press 1; for p.m., press 2.
    • For the standard expiry time of one minute after midnight on the date you specified, press # for time.
    • For no expiry, press ###.

If you do not set an expiry date, or if you press # for month, day, and time, your temporary greeting will remain in effect until you delete it.

Composing messages

This feature is used for sending messages to other voicemail users. Please press 75 and follow the prompts. For further information, read the following.

  1. While logged in to your mailbox, press 75.
  2. Enter the first address, and then press #. You can address to mailbox numbers, distribution list numbers, network users, open network users, Internet users, external telephone numbers, and spelled names.
  3. Continue to enter addresses followed by #. (To cancel an address, press 0#.)
  4. When you have finished, press # again.
  5. Press 5 to record your message. Wait for the tone, then start recording.
  6. Press # to end your recording.
    • To play the message, press 2; to add options and attachments, press 70.
    • Press 79 to send the message.

Playing your messages

To play your messages

When you log in to your mailbox, you are in your message list at your first new message.

  • To play the current message, press 2.
  • To go to the next message, press 6; to go to the previous message, press 4.
  • To go to a specific message, press 86, enter the message number, and then press #.

To review and respond to your messages

While you are playing a message:

  • To skip back five seconds, press 1; to skip forward five seconds, press 3.
  • To play the message faster, press 23; to play the message slower, press 21.
  • To pause, press #; to continue, press 2.

Before, during, or after playing a message:

  • To play the message envelope, press 72.
  • To delete the message, press 76. To restore it, return to the message and press 76.
  • To call the sender, press 9; to reply to the message, press 71; to reply to the sender and all recipients, press 74; to forward the message, press 73.
  • To disconnect, press 83, or hang up.

***Transferring a call to a mailbox

While on the call, press the TRANS button, dial the Express Messaging number 3881, when Express Messaging answers there will be a prompt to enter the mailbox number (of the person you are transferring the call to) followed by the #, press TRANS again to complete the transfer. Hang up