GCSC has a Voice Over IP (VOIP) telephone system. Our VOIP system provides useful features such as: voicemail, call forwarding, out of office announcements, a college directory, etc.

For on campus calls, just dial the 4 digit extension. For external calls dial 9 (for an outside line) and then the number. For more information please see the information below:

Classroom Telephones

Telephones in classrooms can only be used to call other college extensions; they cannot be external numbers. Also, they do not ring when called (so classes cannot be disrupted) the display just flashes. One of the main functions of having telephones in the classrooms is for the Emergency Broadcast System.

Zone Paging

Available for each division and will allow the division chair or administrative assistants to page faculty, staff and rooms within the division.

Emergency Broadcast System

In the event of an emergency, a voice message can be sent to every campus phone or specific group of phones as needed. During an emergency the phone in your office or classroom will sound a tone followed by a message that plays through the speaker on the phone automatically.

Conference Call Bridge

GCSC has a conference all bridge system which allows us to host conference calls for up to 12 people (including the leader). Please complete and submit the Conference Bridge Request Form at least 5 working days prior to the conference. The request form can be found here.