Labeling Your Autodial Keys

Labeling Your Autodial Keys

To Add Names & Extensions Numbers to the Nortel Phone Display Pad

  1. Dial the person’s extension to determine where they are located on the AutoDial phone pad
  2. Hang up phone
  3. Press Services
  4. Select Telephone Options (will already be highlighted)
  5. Scroll down to Change Feature Key Label using the navigation keys
  6. Highlight and press Select
  7. Press Select again
  8. Press the AutoDial button for the person you want to add the name/ext. # to (will say busy/forward)
  9. Press Clear
  10. Type in their name and/or extension number using phone keypad
    • Must press all the number keys 4 times to select the numbers except for the 7 and the 9 which you will have to press 5 times
    • To get the number 1, press #1 eight times
    • To get a dash, press the number 1 two times
  11. Select and either Quit or select Change Feature Key Label to add another name or ext. #


  1. Press the auto dial key
  2. Put in the phone #
  3. Press the auto dial key again
  4. If you want to list their name, scroll to the Change Feature Key Label and follow the above instructions starting with #5


  1. Serv ices
  2. Telephone Options
  3. Ring Type
  4. Select
  5. Scroll through and select different sounds by hitting play/stop