CPT/PERT Proctor Request

CPT/PERT Proctor Request

Note: The form below is for CPT/PERT off-campus testing only. If you are a current GCSC student who does not reside in Bay, Gulf, or Franklin County and who needs to take a course exam at an off-campus location, please use the Off-Campus Proctor Request Form.

An acceptable proctor is a responsible individual who

  • is not a relative, spouse/partner, friend, neighbor, coach, co-worker/business associate, direct supervisor, or resident in your household.
  • has a work email address that ends in .gov, .mil, .org, or .edu.
  • has access to a computer at the exam location.

Examples of acceptable proctors include:

  • a faculty member or an educational administrator at a regionally accredited college or university
  • for students in the military: any commissioned or non-commissioned officer of higher rank than the student; an education services officer or testing personnel at a military education center
  • professional testing centers (Note: The following resource may be useful in helping you locate a professional testing center: National College Testing Association.)

Exams must be proctored at the proctor’s work location and cannot be proctored at a private residence or business.

After you have found your proctor, submit the following CPT/PERT Proctor Request Form (all fields are required):

* Proctors must have a work email address that ends in .gov, .mil, .org, Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail, or similar email addresses will not be accepted.

Once your requested proctor has been approved, it typically takes 24-72 hours to have the testing module set up and ready for you to test.

If you have questions about proctor requirements, contact the Testing Center at, 850-873-3533, or 800-311-3685 (email preferred).