Off Campus Proctor Form

Off-Campus Proctor Request Form

This form is for current GCSC students who do not reside in Bay, Gulf, or Franklin County and who are needing to take a course exam off-campus. If you are requesting an off-campus proctor for a college placement test, please use the CPT/PERT Proctor Request Form.  

This form must be submitted at least one week before the first proctored test of each semester.  Failure to submit this form in a timely manner may prevent the Testing Center from being able to send an exam to the desired off-campus proctor.

Be aware that non-GCSC proctors may charge a proctoring fee, which is not reimbursed by GCSC or the Testing Center. Please contact your selected off-campus proctor for information about possible fees.

Before filling out the form below, please see other testing site options for information about who is an acceptable off-campus proctor.

Complete all fields in the form below.


(provide information for each course you need to have proctored)


Proctor's Organization Type:

I certify that by entering my name and today's date below, I am the
officially enrolled GCSC student identified on this off-campus proctor request
form. I attest that all proctor information I've provided on this form is
correct and conforms to the guidelines for acceptable proctors. I understand
that any deliberate misstatement of fact may result in my losing the privilege
of using GCSC proctoring and a grade of "F" being assigned for any
and all courses—past and present—in which examinations were taken under such
misstatement. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to locate an
acceptable off-campus proctor, schedule my exam appointments with my off-campus proctor, and pay for any proctoring service fees required.