Alumni Legacy Scholarship

About the GCSC Alumni Legacy Scholarship

In August 2016, the GCSC Alumni Association proudly awarded their 7th Alumni Legacy Scholarship to Anthony Carbone. Anthony is pursing an education in physical or occupational therapy. Anthony's legacy connection, his mother Erikka Carbone, is a Gulf Coast alumnus who went on to Troy State and the University of Maryland. We congratulate both Anthony and Erikka on their excellent educational choice of GCSC.

Anthony Carbone 2016 Alumni Legacy Scholarship Recipient

 2016 Alumni Legacy Scholarship Recipient: Anthony Carbone

Anna Layne Evens 2015 Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Anna Layne Evens ~ 2015

Chris Beard 2014 Alumni Legacy Recipient

Chris Beard ~ 2014

Anna Kaitlyn Gaskin 2013 Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Anna Kaitlyn Gaskin ~ 2013

Garrett Evens 2012 Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Garrett Evens ~ 2012

Bryce Segler 2011 Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Bryce Segler ~ 2011

Mathew Kelly 2010 Legacy Scholarship Recipient

Matthew Kelly ~ 2010

Thank You Members & Scholarship Supporters

Thank you to our GCSC Alumni Association members, supporters, and friends for contributing to the GCSC Alumni Legacy Scholarship. You have helped the GCSC Alumni Association complete our endowment in July 2013 and award this special scholarship since the fund was initiated in 2010. We thank you for your very generous support!

Scholarship Application Information:

To qualify for this scholarship, a student must...

  1. Be a "Legacy" student of Gulf Coast State College. A "legacy" is defined as Father, Mother, Step-parent, Adoptive Parent, or Legal Guardian who has earned a degree from Gulf Coast State College (formerly Gulf Coast Community College);
  2. Demonstrate merit and financial need;
  3. Maintain a 2.5 GPA or higher and be accepted and enrolled as a full-time or part-time student at Gulf Coast State College.
  4. Applications are accepted January 1-April 15.

Note: Priority will be given to applicants whose parent(s) are current members of the GCSC Alumni Association; and applicants who are residents of Bay, Gulf, or Franklin County, Florida.

 To Apply:

  1. Have a GCSC Student ID Number: Applicants must have a valid GCSC Student ID Number (this is the new Banner ID Number now required by the College and all scholarship applications). For applicants who have never attended GCSC before, an ID Number can be obtained simply by completing the online application at
  2. Applications are processed through the GCSC Foundation. For more information and guidance on applying please go to .

For more information, please contact us...
GCSC Alumni Association at or (850) 873-3583.

Scholarship Application Process Questions ~ Contact the GCSC Foundation Office at or (850) 872-3815.

GCSC Alumni Association
Lori Eldridge, Coordinator
5230 West U.S. Highway 98
Panama City, FL 32401

Phone: 850.769.1551 ext. 6010