Corps Tigris

Corps Tigris

Tigris Academic Competition Team (T.A.C.T.), formerly known as Corps Tigris are current enrolled Gulf Coast State College Cyber Security students training to compete in Cyber Security competitions and hone their skills to meet the ever-changing cyber-attacks that threaten the corporations and businesses in the world today and tomorrow.  Tigris Academic Competition Team (T.A.C.T.) is the leading collegiate cyber-security demonstration team in the Panhandle of Florida.  As a member of the Tigris Academic Competition Team you will help bring down the shadowy world of hacking to light and obtain the foundation on how to protect corporations from cyber-attacks.  The club is a co-curricular organization tied to Gulf Coast State College’s Cyber Security and Network Systems Associate of Science degree programs.


Captain Katharine Murphy

Master Chief Dana Petty

Meeting times

Please contact the Corps Tigris Advisor, Dennis Dillenschneider for more information.