Event/Activity Form

event/activity form

point of contact's email

Will food be served at your event? (Required)
Open to: (please check all that apply) (Required)

Conditions: (Please read carefully)

  1. No pressure will be exerted to coerce students, staff or visitors to participate in events against their will (or to engage in conversation against their will).
  2. The requesting students/committee agrees that it does not discriminate or advocate discrimination on the basis of race, creed, sex, age, national origin, or affiliation with other campus organizations.
  3. This form must be turned into the Student Government Advisor no later than 30 business days (6 Weeks) prior to the event being held. Additional information may be requested prior to approval.
  4. Completion of this form does not guarantee that an event/activity will be held. The event/activity request may be modified or denied at the discretion of the Student Government Advisor at any time.
  5. Following completion and approval of the form, any changes in location or time of the event/activity must be submitted, in writing, to the Campus Information Desk Receptionist and Student Government Advisor no later than 14 days before the event is scheduled. Changes made to the event must be submitted by the point of contact for said event. Acceptance of the amendment is at the discretion of the Student Government Advisor.


Once your form has been submitted, the Student Government Advisor will have 1 week to approve your event or activity.  At this time, the point of contact for the event or activity will be contacted and told to come to the SGA office located in Student Union East.  There will be a printed copy of the Event Activity Form that will need to be signed by both the point of contact/person who submitted the form and the Student Government Advisor.  

If you have any questions please notify Lori Cannon and/or Jessica Owens.