Club Information

Club Information

In order to maintain an active status as an organization or club at Gulf Coast State College the following form must be completed. Please complete and return this form to Lori Cannon with the Student Government office. The information recorded on this form must be accurate and current. Any changes in the status of the organization (changes in the information supplied on this form) must be reported to the Office of Student Government as soon as they occur. As stated in the G.C.S.C. Student handbook, a student must have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average to participate in any extra-curricular activities and a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. to hold any leadership position in the Student Government Association. First-time students at Gulf Coast must use their high school or college-transfer G.P.A. to qualify.

Club requirements

  • All clubs must submit a club packet.  This can be found in the SGA office or you can contact the Coordinator of Student Leadership for more information. 
  • All meetings of the group (regular, called, social, etc…) must be placed in advance for the college event/activity calendar in the Student Government Office.  No meeting is official until this is done.
  • To insure you have a location for your regular weekly or monthly meeting your advisor can reserve a classroom for the semester.  If you need assistance please contact Lori Cannon or Jessica Owens.
  • An event form must be filled out for every event.  This includes fund raiser, meeting, social, or other activity.  The forms are found on the college intranet so they need to be completed by an advisor.  Also included in the forms are links for audio/visual assistance, work order, and marketing forms. 

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