SGA Leadership Conference 2019

leadership conference 2019


saturday - March 9, 2019

purpose and mission

The mission of the 2019 SGA Leadership Conference is to challenge students to ignite the fire within and help them become great current and future leaders. Students will learn to think outside the box, challenge the status quo, and acquire the skills to be more than what society deems them to be. By joining and participating in three of nine breakout sessions, students will be given the tools necessary to become a better version of who they are and acquire the ability to “ROAR!”

The purpose of the Leadership Conference is to stoke the imagination of students who attend, let them walk away with the tools and knowledge to pursue their goals and dreams, and become the lion they find within. Join Frank Kitchen and other guest speakers at this year’s Leadership Conference of a lifetime to become a lion in a herd of sheep.

This event is hosted by the Gulf Coast State College Student Government Association.  Click HERE to learn more about this group and how you can get involved in planning the next big thing on campus!

letter from sga president

1819 SGA President Johnathan

Welcome students to the 2019 SGA Student Leadership Conference. I am delighted that you have decided to join us today. I hope you are prepared to evolve into a better version of yourself and unlock your true potential. I can tell you from experience that earning the title of a leader is only the beginning. At this conference you will be challenged to be more than what you currently are and unlock leadership skills you never knew you possessed. I hope you are ready to join me on this journey for an engaging and proactive Conference that will truly unlock the sleeping lion within and help you be a lion in a herd of sheep. 

- Johnathan Fuentes

Keynote Speaker - Frank Kitchen

KeyNote Speaker - Frank Kitchen

Frank Kitchen is the Founder of Frank Kitchen Enterprises, LLC. His Keynote Speeches, Educational Workshops and Training Programs Educate, Elevate and Empower Leaders around the world to live their Dreams by implementing his “Live F.R.E.S.H.” Methodology. The methodology challenges individuals to dedicate their time, talents, team and treasures to be positive difference makers and life changers in their communities, organizations, workplaces, and schools.  He has authored/co-authored four books and spoken professionally for almost 1 million people.  Frank Kitchen also is a member of the National Speakers Association.


To read more about our amazing Keynote Speaker Frank Kitchen, visit his website HERE!


"Frank Kitchen was the Keynote Speaker for the 2017 UC Merced Leadership Conference. Start to finish it was a pleasure to work with Frank. He was engaged and excited to be a part of our conference and inspire our students to Think Big and Lead Fresh. Frank went above and beyond expectations from creating a pre-conference welcome video to talking with students all day and after the conference had concluded. His message was unique and relatable in his keynote and breakout sessions and students continue to talk about him close to a month later. I would strongly endorse his participation any campus’s leadership events in the future."

Steve Lerer, Associate Director, Office of Leadership, Service and Career, University of California Merced

"Our university was looking for someone who could motivate and inspire our student leaders. Bringing Frank on campus was a positive game changer and helped shift the culture from drab to dynamite!  He understood where the students were at and had a way of connecting with them that was authentic and warm while challenging them to new heights.  I have since moved to another university and brought him here as well!  As an administrator, I am continually impressed with the way Frank listens to what kind of programs we want to provide for our student leaders, the new ideas he introduces to us and his overall enthusiasm for what he does!  Frank has actually made my job easier because he knows exactly what our staff needs and delivers what our students need - FRESH LEADERSHIP!"

Kristin Schumacher, Assistant Director Activities, Involvement & Leadership-Student Affairs, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

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