SGA 2019-2020 Executive Board

SGA eBoard 2019-2020

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    Team Unicorn - for Jess <3 - Summer 2019 - ASGA

Julia Merrill

POSITION: President


NAME: Julia Merrill


BIRTHDAY: February 25th


FROM: Born and Raised in PCB, FL


CURRENT YEAR OF COLLEGE: Junior (3rd year at GCSC)




I am very thankful to be the President of SGA this year.  The SGA Executive Board is built up of an incredible, diverse, and motivated team and I am extremely excited to be working with each of them!  My involvement with SGA began two years ago when I started off as a club representative.  I have come a long way since then and am extremely hopeful for the year to come!

One of my main goals this year is to introduce a program to focus on leadership development. To me, leadership development is incredibly important.  I feel that the knowledge gained in this program will apply to our community, careers, relationships and more.


Samantha Lipsey


POSITION: Vice-President


NAME: Samantha Lipsey


BIRTHDAY: February 29th 


FROM: Enid, Oklahoma







Five years ago I set a goal to attend Gulf Coast State College and move to Florida.  Here I am today, trying to make the biggest impact I possibly can.  My current goal is to get my A.S. in Radiography, and attain a job with a local hospital.  After achieving my A.S., I would like to further my career in the field.

My goal with the newly formed Student Government Association campus enhancement committee is to create an environment on campus that keeps the students involved. I want to take the students ideas and bring them to life. No matter what their ideas are, I want their voice to be heard. I know my position within SGA will influence me in the future.  I hope my influence will make a lifelong impact on the students at GCSC.


Emily Weathersby

 POSITION: Secretary


NAME: Emily Weathersby


BIRTHDAY: June 10th


FROM: Lynn Haven, FL








My academic goal is to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree.  Once completed, I hope to continue on and obtain a master’s degree.

I am excited to work with the Events Committee to raise student engagement! My goal is to make this year a great one for all students! I plan to have ongoing monthly fun events, such as movie and game nights, as well as a few larger events.  I look forward to serving the student body and making this year the best and most enjoyable!


Le'Reginald Byrd

 POSITION: Parliamentarian


NAME: Le' Reginald "LJay" Byrd


BIRTHDAY: July 29th


FROM: Panama City Beach, FL




MAJOR CONCENTRATION: Certified Surgical First Assistant




I’m originally from southern Georgia, but my family derives from the Dominican Republic and other areas. I have traveled and lived all over the country, but have now been living in Panama City Beach for almost two years. Entering my third semester, I am currently enrolled in the Surgical Services program to become a surgical first assistant. I am overly excited about the upcoming school year!

In the amount of time I’ve been at Gulf Coast, almost two years, I have loved it! By being an executive member of the GCSC Student Government Association, there have been several doors opened for me as a leader and other professional ways. I have had a wonderful support system along the way that not only challenged me as an officer and leader. 


Wendy Davis

 POSITION: Treasurer


NAME: Wendy Davis


BIRTHDAY: July 13th


FROM: Scranton, Pennsylvania








When I went to college the first time, it was at Keystone College in LaPlume, PA.  I attended part time on a weekend class schedule only.  Recently, I started back to school in 2018 as a part time student at Gulf Coast.  Now, as a fulltime student, my goal is to become an RN and ultimately become a nurse practitioner.

As Treasurer, I plan to bring my previous banking experience in other jobs to solidify this new recurring position within SGA.  I hope in taking this position, I will improve upon my own leadership skills, but more importantly be a representative of the GCSC Student Body.

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