Student Travel

Student Travel

Gulf Coast offers our students many different travel opportunities so you will be able to explore destinations near and far.  The cost of travel varies depending on the trip, but those in Student Life work hard to make sure you get the most cost-effective experiences.  Trips are open to all students who are enrolled in at least six credit hours and have a 2.0 GPA.  Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.

 Intramural Travel

What is intramural travel?  It is travel that offers students the opportunity to see new places and meet new people outside of the academic setting.  These trips include athletic activities such as a canoe trip on the Econfina river, a boat ride to Shell Island, and visiting the Marianna Caverns.  Additionally, we provide opportunities to attend various sporting events, and theme parks.

If you have suggestions for an intramural trip, please email Lori Cannon or call 873-3598. 

HHN 2016-2017

On April 19th 2018, a Disney Trip was planned.  This trip was a $990 value for only $455!  DO NOT DESPAIR!  We will be trying again Spring of 2020.  Stay tuned for more information.  If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Chaz Mullinax or drop by the SGA office located in Student Union East cafeteria.

Disney Trip 2018


spring break travel

  • DC


  • NYC


  • Boston


During spring break you will have the opportunity to get away for the weekend and travel away from home!

Spring Break 2018's trip to the Florida Coast from March 22nd to the 25th was planned.  This trip was a $840 value for only $350!  That is just a taste of what could possibly happen Spring Break 2020! Stay tuned for more information.  If you have any questions or ideas, please contact Chaz Mullinax or drop by the SGA office located in Student Union East cafeteria.

 Spring Break Flyer 2018

 International Travel

Have you always wanted to travel overseas? Every summer we offer international trips to places like Italy, France, Switzerland and Ireland.  

Our previous destination for Summer 2019 was Italy!  

"The trip to Italy has made me more confident and comfortable with myself...This adventure has given me a new perspective and I now know what is truly important to me. I am so grateful for this remarkable and ever so memorable experience."

- Brittani Peacock

If you have any questions or ideas for Summer 2020 International trip, please contact Lori Cannon or call 873-3598.

  • Wales


  • Italy_Summer 2019

    Italy_Summer 2019 - Group Photo

  • Ireland