2016-2017 Engineering/General

Engineering/General Courses


Engineering Drawing

Student must provide own drafting instruments. A basic course in graphical expression. This course focuses on using 3-D visualization projects to solve problems and uses traditional drafting practices,. Areas covered will be orthographic projections, geometric constructions, isometric drawings, sectioning, dimensioning, and auxiliary views.

Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 6


Graphics for Engineers

Corequisite: MAC2311. Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and computing to understand the fundamentals of engineering graphics, draw geometric constructions, solve descriptive geometry problems, and produce graphical calculus and apply it to analyze empirical data. Produce two and three-dimensional drawings and design a product. Participate effectively in a multidisciplinary engineering project as part of a professional team. Apply computers using several software applications including: AutoCAD for producing computerized drawing, dimensioning and tolerances; Excel for spreadsheet and manipulation of data; and Maple (Mathcad) for graphical calculus.

Credit hours: 2
Lecture hours: 2