2016-2017 Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing Courses


Fundamentals of Nursing Care

$10.00 lab fee Prerequisite: HCP0120C. This is a basic knowledge and skills course designed to orient the student to the Practical Nursing occupation. The course encompasses the nursing principles and the role of the practical nurse in assisting the professional nurse with the five basic steps of gathering information, identifying problems, formulating tentative solutions, planning action or intervention, and evaluating. The role of the practical nurse in the assessment phase will also be defined.

Credit hours: 9
Lecture hours: 18


Structure and Function

Prerequisite: PRN0001C. This course covers normal structure and function and provides the student with a basic foundation on which to build subsequent learning involving human structure and function normalities and abnormalities. Medical terminology for each system is integrated throughout the course.

Credit hours: 2
Lecture hours: 4


Life Span

Prerequisite: PRN0030C. This course provides learning experiences in normal human growth and development from birth to death. It provides the basis for the student to improve behavioral aspects of nurse/client relationships and to better understand the physical and behavioral problems of clients. Emphasis has been placed on the influences that promote normal growth and development.

Credit hours: .5
Lecture hours: 1


Introduction to Pharmacology/Medication Administration

$9.00 lab fee Prerequisites: HCP0001, HCP0120C, PRN0001C, PRN0022, HSC0530. This course is designed to provide the practical nursing student with a basic background of drugs, including their actions, dosages, and side effects. Prototypes for each classification will be discussed. The basic knowledge gained in this course will equip the student with information to assume responsibility for safe medication administration. To safely handle the drugs that are entrusted to the practical nurse requires a working knowledge and skills equal to the responsibilities. Students will learn how to write and understand the symbols and numbers used in the measurement of medication, to convert units of measurement within the systems of measurement from one system to another, and to calculate amounts of medication to give a client from the medication on hand.

Credit hours: 2.5
Lecture hours: 1
Lab hours: 4


Maternal/Newborn Nursing

$55.00 lab fee Prerequisite: PRN0383C. This course is designed to assist the student in understanding the needs of the expectant mother, infant, and family from the beginning of pregnancy through the child-bearing period. The focus of this course is on the promotion and maintenance of health. Emphasis will be placed on the impact to normal family life.

Credit hours: 4
Lecture hours: 8


Pediatric Nursing

Prerequisite: PRN0100C. This course is designed to assist the student in understanding the needs of the ill and hospitalized pediatric client and to understand the needs of children as they grow and develop. The focus of this course is on the promotion and maintenance of health in the ill pediatric client.

Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 6


Medical-Surgical Nursing I

$6.00 lab fee Prerequisite: PRN0440. This course introduces medical and surgical nursing as specialties. The focus is on the adult client who is experiencing disturbances of body supportive structures, threats to adequate respiration, insults to cardiovascular integrity, disturbances of sexual structure or reproductive function, and problems resulting from endocrine imbalances.

Credit hours: 7
Lecture hours: 14


Medical-Surgical Nursing II

Prerequisite: PRN0381C. This course continues with the nursing care of the adult client. The focus is on adults who are experiencing disorders of the cognitive, sensory, or psychomotor function; disturbances of ingestion, digestion, absorption, and elimination; and common problems involving disfigurement.

Credit hours: 10
Lecture hours: 20


Mental Health Concepts

Prerequisite: PRN0100C. This course focuses on interpersonal relationships. It is designed to orient the student to mental health concepts and the practical nursing occupation and to increase the student¿s awareness of the importance of the interrelationship of physical and emotional needs of the client.

Credit hours: .5
Lecture hours: 1


Community Health Concepts

Prerequisite: PRN0400. The community health concepts within this course provide an introduction to community health issues. The nursing process provides a framework for understanding the common health problems within the community and the illnesses that bring the client to the hospital or health care agency. The care of a client in a hospice setting will also be introduced.

Credit hours: .5
Lecture hours: 1