2016-2017 Social Work Option, Liberal Arts A.A.

Social Work Option, Liberal Arts A.A.

Communications Area Credit Hours
•+*ENC1101, English I 3
+*ENC1102, English II 3
Humanities Area
Visual and Performing Arts See General Education Requirement 3
Philosophy/Religion See General Education Requirement 3
Literature See General Education Requirement 3
Mathematics Area
  See General Education Requirement 6
Natural Sciences Area
Physical Science See General Education Requirement 3
Biological Science BSC1005, General Biological Science, BSC2010, or BSC2085 3
Social Sciences Area
Behavioral Sciences •*SYG2000, Sociology 3
History See General Education Requirement 3
Government •POS2041, American National Government 3
Additional Common Prerequisites
•ECO2013, Economics, Macro or ECO2023, Economics, Micro 3
•PSY2012, Psychology 3
Electives 18

FSU requires all Social Work students to have a minimum grade of “B” in SYG2000, PSY2012, POS2041, BSC1005, and ECO2013/2023 for entry into the Social Work program. FSU also requires a computer literacy course for entry into the program, as CGS1570.

Recommended elective:

SOW2020, Introduction to Social Work, 3 crs.

•General Education Core. Students must complete at least one identified core course in each area of study—Communications, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences—as part of the general education course requirements.
+ Prerequisites and/or corequisites required. See course descriptions.
* Minimum grade of "C" required.

Social Sciences

Social Sciences Division
5230 West Highway 98
Panama City, FL 32401-1058
(850) 872-3826


Social Science Division Website

Wes Keene, MS
Division Chair, Social Sciences
Panama City Campus
Social Sciences Building, Room 211
(850) 872-3826

Theresa Vrabel
Senior Administrative Assistant
Panama City Campus
Social Sciences Building, Room 210
(850) 872-3825

Social Sciences Faculty

Name Title Phone Email
Patrick Brennan Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2828
David Fistein Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2826
Jennifer Hamilton Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 5850
Ryan Hubbard Assistant Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2834
Daniel Hudson Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2833
Melanie Pelton Assistant Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2825
John Phillips Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2827
Robert Saunders (850) 872-3826 ext. 3826
Patricia Schenck Professor (850) 873-3577 ext. 3577
Elizabeth Trentanelli Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 2831
Jason Wenzel Associate Professor (850) 769-1551 ext. 4817