2020-2021 College Level App Criminal Justice

College Lvl App Crim Just Courses


Special Tactical Problems

An overview of special tactical problems for officers. Provides an understanding as well as working knowledge of special problems faced by law enforcement or corrections to include natural and man-made disorders.

Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 3


CMS Field Training Officer (FTO)

Introduction to all aspects of field training and evaluation programs; leadership and supervision, communication and counseling techniques, legal and ethical issues, and human motivation.

Credit hours: 3
Lecture hours: 3


Defensive Tactics Instructor Course

$13.00 lab fee Prerequisite: General CMS FDLE Instructor Certification. Lab training in the methodology of psychomotor skills development, subject control, and arrest techniques. Training topics include legal issues, use of force matrix, facility development and management warm-up and flexibility exercises, performance testing, control techniques, impact weapons, emergency first aid, and use of tactical simulation.

Credit hours: 5
Lecture hours: 5


Florida General Instructor Techniques

Prerequisite: Three years of experience or special permission of chair of public safety. A course designed to meet certification for law enforcement instructors as set forth by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission.

Credit hours: 4
Lecture hours: 4.266