Surgical Services - Endoscopic Technician Option, A.S.

Surgical Services - Endoscopic Technician Option, A.S.

Communications Area CH
•+*ENC1101, English I 3
Humanities Area
See General Education Requirement 3
Mathematics Area
See General Education Requirement 3
Natural Sciences Area
Biological Science See General Education Requirement 3
Social Sciences Area
Behavioral Sciences PSY2012 or SYG2000, Psychology/Sociology 3
Requirements for the Surgical Core Track Options Common Prerequisites Required:
*HSC1531, Medical Terminology 2
+#*HSC1000, Orientation to Perioperative Services 3
+#*HSC1000L, Orientation to Perioperative Services Lab 1
#*HSC2520, Microbiology for Perioperative Services 3
#*STS1300C, Surgical Anatomy and Physiology 6
Core Option, Endoscopic Technician (9 crs.) (ENDO-CT)
+#*STS1925, Endoscopy Basics 1
#*STS1926, Endoscopy Technician Theory 3
#*STS1926L, Endoscopy Tech Lab & Clinical 3
#*STS2361, The Art of Teamwork in Surgery 1
#*STS2365, Professional Skills for the OR Team 1
Elective Credits for ENDO-CT
See Elective Options Below (See Surgical Services Advisor for guidance) 25



Elective Options
  • ACG2001 or Higher
  • # ASL1400 or Higher
  • + BSC1005 or Higher
  • + Humanities I, II or III Any Gen Ed Approved
  • BUL2241 or Higher
  • # CGS1103 or Higher
  • CHM1032 or Higher
  • CLP1001 Human Relations
  • DEP2004 or Higher Developmental Psychology
  • ECO2013 or Higher
  • EDF 1005 or Higher
  • +* ENC1101 or Higher
  • ENT2000 or Higher
  • EVR1001 or Higher
  • #* EVT2060 or Higher Education: Vocational/Technical
  • FRE1120 or Higher
  • SPN 1000 or Higher
  • GEB1011 or Higher
  • # HIM1000 or Higher
  • HLP1081, Wellness
  • +# HSA2182 or Higher
  • +#* HSC1000 or Higher
  • HUN1201, Nutrition
  • LIS2004, Introduction to Internet Research
  • + MAC1105 or Higher Mathematics
  • + MAN2021 or Higher
  • MAR2011 or Higher
  • + MCB2004 or Higher
  • + MGF1106 or Higher
  • # MKA2511 or Higher
  • # MNA1100, Human Relations in Management
  • +* PHI2002 or Higher
  • PHY1020 or Higher
  • POS2041 or Higher
  • PSY2012 or Higher
  • # QMB1001
  • + SBM2000
  • + SLS1201 or Higher
  • SPC1420 or Higher
  • + STA2023 or Higher
  • * STS1300C or Higher
  • SYG2000 or Higher
  • + TRA2010 or Higher

• General Education Core.

+ Prerequisites and/or corequisites required. See course descriptions.

# Applies only to A.S. degree and certificate programs.

= PSAV course.

* Minimum grade of "C" required.

Health Sciences

Health Sciences is the largest academic division at Gulf Coast State College, with over 600 students enrolled in health-related programs.  The George G. Tapper Health Sciences Building is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, laboratories, and a live patient dental clinic to enhance the learning process.

Health Sciences faculty and staff want you to succeed. Instructors are licensed practitioners who are dedicated to helping you become proficient in the patient-care arena of your choosing. Reach out to the program contact in your area with questions or concerns.

Health Sciences Division Website

Registered Nursing, Nursing AA, Certified Nursing Assistant
Dr. Martha Ruder

Licensed Practical Nurse
Debbie Brzuska

Dental Assisting
Laurie Womble

Dental Hygiene
Kim Guilford

Medical Imaging Programs (Radiography, Sonography, Nuclear Medicine)
DeeAnn VanDerSchaaf

Physical Therapist Assistant
Dr. Melinda Cumbaa

Dr. Randy Chitwood

Respiratory Therapy
Katrina Reese

Surgical Services
Libby McNaron

Pharmacy Technician
Keith Owens
850-769-1551, ext. 5877