Building Construction Option, Liberal Arts A.A.

Building Construction Option, Liberal Arts A.A.


+BCN2405, Statics and Strength of Materials, 3 hrs.
EGN1110C, Engineering Drawing, 3 crs.
+ETD2395, CAD for Architecture, 3 crs.
+ARC2312C, Introduction to Building Assembly Modeling, 4 crs.
BCT2715, Construction Management, 3 crs.
BCT2770, Construction Estimating, 3 crs.
*GIS2040, Introduction to Geographic Information Systems, 3 crs.
EGS1006, Introduction to Engineering, 1 cr.
+ETD1320, AutoCAD, 3 crs.
BCN1230, Materials and Methods, 3 crs.
+BCN2949, Building Construction CO-OP, 1-3 crs.
• General Education Core. Students must complete at least one identified core course in each area of study—Communications, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Social Sciences—as part of the general education course requirements.

+ Prerequisites and/or corequisites required. See course descriptions.

* Minimum grade of "C" required.


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